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The straw crushing packaging wrapping machine is a kind of agricultural machinery and equipment used for automatically collecting, chopping, baling, and wrapping straw for storage, transportation, and comprehensive utilization.

Usually, these processed straws can be used as feed, biomass energy, fertilizer, or soil conditioner. This machine helps to reduce the labor burden of farmers and improve the comprehensive utilization of straw.

silage picking crushing baling machine
silage picking crushing baling machine

Main Structures of Silage Crushing Baling Machine

  • The straw crushing packaging wrapping machine consists of the following main structures working in tandem, which usually include:
  • Chassis (equipped with wheels to facilitate movement in the field)
  • Pick-up system (a rotating gear or picker suspended from the front of the machine)
  • Shredders (including rotating blades or drums)
  • Baling system (mechanism for straw collection and formation of compact bales)
  • Wrapping mechanism (wrapped in one or more layers of plastic wrap to protect and preserve the bale) This part usually includes the wrapping reel and the application mechanism.
straw crushing packaging wrapping machine
straw crushing packaging wrapping machine

Straw Crushing Packaging Wrapping Machine Workflow

  1. Straw picking: it is the first step of the machine, which can automatically pick up and concentrate the straws (such as corn stalks, wheat stalks, etc.) left in the farmland.
  2. Straw Crusher: Straws after picking up are usually very long and not easy to be used in the next step. The straw pulverizer will chop these straws into smaller particles for subsequent operations.
  3. Straw baling: The crushed straw is baled into tight bundles, usually round or square, for storage, transportation, and subsequent utilization.
  4. Wrapping: Finally, these straw bales are usually wrapped with plastic wrap. This helps to protect the bales from damage during storage and also provides insulation and degradation.
silage wrapper
silage wrapper

Multi-functional Silage Baler Main Features

  • Saving labor, directly after harvesting and crushing can be baled and wrapped.
  • Choose from two models with cutting widths of 1300 and 1720 mm.
  • High output, a roll of rope and film can be wrapped in about 65-70 bundles, 45-60 bundles an hour.
  • Good working effect, tight bundling, loose inside and tight outside, and good air permeability.
  • Clear division of labor, the tractor provides the power for harvesting and crushing, and the gasoline engine provides the power for baling and wrapping.
silage baler machine for sale

Machine Technical Parameters

This device of ours is a self-propelled straw crushing, packaging, and wrapping integrated All – in – One Machine.

Power40 HP70 HP
Baling and wrapping powergasoline generator (5+0.75 KW)gasoline generator (5+0.75 KW)
Working width1300 mm1720 mm
Bale’s dimensionL*Ф 700*800mmL*Ф 700*800mm
Bale’s weight95-100 kg/bale95-100 kg/bale
Capacity0.9 acre/h1.3 acre/h
Size3270*2150*1400 mm3270*2150*1400 mm
Weight1200 Kg1300 kg

Our company has introduced the above two main straw crushing packaging wrapping machine models to choose from, the above list is part of the important parameters. If you want to know more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

Related Machines

Of course, depending on the customer’s different uses and budgets, we also produce other relatively simple machines for handling and managing crop residues and straw, such as silage baling and wrapping machines, straw picking balers (round or square bales), and crushed pick-up balers.

Our straw crushing packaging wrapping machines have been very popular and have been successfully exported to a number of countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, and many more. They are all positive about our silage baler price as well as service, etc., and are willing to establish long-term cooperation with us.