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Our factory has been engaged in the production and export of silage baling and wrapping machines for many years. Now we are proud to launch a new belt-type 9YDB-60 silage baler wrapper machine.

The baling room adopts a herringbone belt design and has the functions of fully automatic baling, film pulling, opening and closing the bin, and turning back the bag. It has extremely high production efficiency and can bundle 50-75 bales per hour. Each bale weighs 90-140kg and has a size of Φ600*520mm.

working video of 9YDB-60 silage baling and wrapping machine

Applicable groups of the machine

The silage baling and wrapping machine is widely used in all kinds of pastures and farms, especially those that need to store a large amount of feed, such as dairy farms, sheep farms, cattle farms, etc.

As well as various agricultural cooperatives, farmers’ cooperatives, large agricultural enterprises, and family farms, to centrally package crops during the harvest season for easy storage and transportation.

application of silage baling machine
application of silage baling machine

Uses of forage baler wrapper machines

  • Feed preservation: Mainly used to bale and film various forage types of grass, straws, silage, etc. for long-term storage. The filmed feed is isolated from the air to prevent fermentation and mildew, thereby maintaining the nutritional content of the feed.
  • Agricultural waste treatment: It can process agricultural waste such as crop straws, husks, corn stalks, etc., and package and store them for subsequent feed or other purposes to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Silage production: Through film coating and fermentation, fresh forage grass or crop residues are made into highly nutritious silage, which is suitable for feeding livestock such as cattle and sheep to improve their nutritional structure.

9YDB-60 Silage baling and wrapping machine structure

This machine mainly consists of two parts, including the baling bin and the film wrapping part.

The new 9YDB-60 silage baling and wrapping machine differs from the previous TZ-55-52 and 70 models in that the first two models were able to use straw ropes and net ropes for baling feed, while the new 9YDB-60 can only use transparent plastic film for baling.

belt-type silage baler machine structure
belt-type silage baler machine structure

Hay baler details display

After understanding the overall structure of the silage baling and wrapping machine, let’s delve into the details of some key components. These components play a vital role in the efficient operation and reliable performance of the machine. The following will use some detailed display diagrams to help you more intuitively understand the structural details and working principles of this machine.

Working principle of silage baler machine

silage feed compact baler

The raw materials of the silage baling and wrapping machine are usually processed by a chaff cutter. Depending on your requirements for the fineness of the finished silage, we provide different types of hay-cutting machines. You can learn more about them by clicking https://balerwrapper.com/products/chaff-cutter/. The processed hay is baled and wrapped through the following process.

Silage feed baling

The fodder is quickly and evenly fed into the baling bin through the feeding conveyor belt. The compression devices such as the herringbone belt in the bin compress the fodder into compact cylindrical bales of about 120kg, which are then tied with plastic film.

Wrapping part

The tied bales are wrapped by a film-wrapping device, which automatically pulls the plastic film and wraps it evenly around the surface of the bale to ensure that the bale is completely wrapped in the film to isolate the air and prevent fermentation and mildew.

Automatic forage baler technical parameters

ModelSupreme Belt Model 9YDB-60Bale size(mm)Φ600*520
Bale weight(kg)90-140Supporting power(kW)7.5kW-6
Rated speed(r/min)350Air compressor motor1.5kw
Bale tying modeAutomaticAir pump volume(liter)30
Number of aluminum rollers (pcs)8 rollers for movable bin
Fixed bin 9 rollers
Film wrapping machine motor0.75kw
Film wrapping layersCounter adjustmentInner wall thickness(mm)6
Bundling materialForage plastic filmFilm pulling methodAutomatic
Plastic film strapping SCounter adjustmentFilm wrapping machine speed reducerWorm gear
Density adjustmentSmall Superman current adjustmentPower distribution box operationManual/automatic operation
Aluminum roller bearingFC205(4 fixing screws)Press roller8 flute
Feeding conveyor belt(mm)L 2500×517Roller shaft thickness(mm)30
Fixed bin belt(mm)(herringbone belt)2300×517Sweeping air gunyes
Movable bin belt(mm)(herringbone belt)2470×517Bearing mounting methodThe machine is completely external.
Belt thickness(mm)5  
Aluminum roller materialAluminum alloy castingMachine size(mm)3500*1450*1550
Chain model12A industrial chainFilm combing frameNew style double spring
Capacity50-75 bundles/hWhole machinePlastic spraying
Opening and closing the binAutomaticTurning and returning the bundleAutomatic
Matching inner film (specification)2000m length 525mm width 15kgMatching forage film
Detailed technical information about the 9YDB-60 silage baling and wrapping machine

Silage baler wrapper supporting device

When using this silage baling and wrapping machine, we recommend using an automatic feeder to ensure that the feed can be fed continuously and evenly. In addition, we provide a trolley free of charge to facilitate the transportation of the finished bales.

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If you have any questions or needs about our products, please feel free to contact us. We also sincerely invite you to visit our factory to learn about our production process and equipment operation in person. Looking forward to cooperating with you!