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Silage chaff cutter is widely used in large, medium, and small livestock farms and breeding farms. As farms feed a large number of cattle, sheep, pigs, and other livestock, daily feeding of various forages is a must, many farmers choose to use chaff cutters to handle the daily forage.

The use of silage crushers can improve productivity and save manpower, thus promoting the growth and development of livestock. Now there are different types of guillotines on the market, and many farmers will choose the right guillotine model according to their needs.

chaff cutter and grain crushing machine introduction

Introduction of silage chaff cutter

Taizy produces a variety of silage chaff cutter models, some with different outputs and some with differences in function. For example, some chaff cutters can also crush various grains and fruits to increase the nutrition of forage.

Silage chaff cutters with different outputs can meet the requirements of different size farms. In terms of power, our chaff cutter machines can work with electric motors, gasoline engines, and diesel engines.

Our large silage chaff cutter can meet the needs of large-scale farms, but it can also work with a hydraulic baler, where the treated straw goes directly into the hydraulic baler from the discharge port. In addition to this, a small silage chopper can work with a conveyor belt and silage baler wrapper or hydraulic baler.

Application range of animal feed chaff cutter machine

Materials: In general, we mainly use the animal feed silage chaff cutter for cutting crop straw and forage, such as green (dry) corn straw, rice straw, wheat straw, bean seedlings, rice straw, elephant grass, and other crop straw and a variety of forage.
Usage: The processed material is suitable for breeding cattle, sheep, deer, horses, etc. We can also use them for biomass power generation, paper making, ethanol refining, etc. It is the necessary machinery and equipment for the majority of rural farmers and small and medium-sized feed processing plants. Also, it can work in agriculture, pasture, paper-making factory, and medicinal herb factory.

Type 1: 9Z-0.4 grass cutting machine

9Z-0.4 grass-cutting machine is the smallest model, although the output is not large enough to meet the daily guillotine needs of farmers. The straw treated by this machine is segmented. So the main internal structure of this machine is the blade. And we can change the length of the finished product to meet different feeding requirements. In addition, we can add a conveyor belt to the machine, which can automatically feed the straw into the cutting chamber and make the guillotine work lighter.

9Z-0.4 grass cutting machine
9Z-0.4 grass-cutting machine

Parameters of grass cutting machine

Supporting power3kw electric motor
Motor speed2800 rpm
Machine weight60KG(not include motor)
Production efficiency 400-1000KG/H
Number of blades  4/6
Feeding methodautomatic feeding
Discharging effect10-35mm
Structure type Drum type
grass cutting machine technical data

Working performance of the silage cutter

9Z-0.4 silage cutter working video

Type 2: 9Z-0.4 square mouth grass chopper machine

This model of grass chopper machine has a square inlet at the top of the guillotine chamber. The user can put fruits, sugar cane heads, sweet potatoes, soybeans, and other materials into the square inlet while guillotining to increase the nutrition of forage. Compared with Type I silage chaff cutter, it is more versatile.

grass chopper machine
grass chopper machine
9Z-0.4 square mouth silage chaff cutter working site

Detailed information on grass cutter

Model9Z-0.4 chaff cutter with square mouth
Supporting power3kw electric motor
Motor speed2800 rpm/minute
Machine weight60KG
Production efficiency400-1000KG/H
Number of blades4/6
Feeding methodautomatic/manual feeding
Discharging effect10-35mm
Multi-functional typeCutting grass and vegetable
grass cutter’s parameter

Structure of the grass chaff cutter

The structure of Type I silage chaff cutter and Type II is similar. They both contain a cutting inlet, a guillotine chamber, a gearbox, moving casters, and a pure copper motor. Type II silage chaff cutter has an additional square feed opening above the guillotine chamber. Below is the structure diagram of the Type I 9Z-0.4 chaff cutting machine.

grass chaff cutters structure
grass chaff cutter’s structure

What are the characteristics of a grass shredder?

  • Small silage chaff cutter designed compact structure, suitable for agricultural grass handling processing, the machine by the bracket and motor frame are all made of cast iron, and the design way to enhances the stability of the work while reducing the noise of the equipment.
  • The silage chaff cutter machine adopts a tangential structure, and the guillotine part adopts three groups of plane slanting knives and one group of slanting blade fixed knives, the design of the machine reduces the working resistance and improves the output of the machine, and the machine is all made of manganese steel.
  • The silage chaff cutter machine has flexibility in some aspects. Guillotine processing is also very convenient, using a double-roller feed, guillotine good quality, and gear transmission to improve the flexibility and use of life, more increase the strength of the equipment to process grass.

Type 3: Large straw chaff cutter

Our larger silage chaff cutter comes in eight different models, ranging from the 9Z-1.2 to the 9Z-10A. They are similar in appearance and all have long neck discharge ports. There are differences in output, power, and conveyor belt. Among them, 9Z-2.5A and 9Z-10A are automatic feedings.

Power, gasoline engines, motor, and diesel engines can be. But the output is more than 1.8t models generally use a motor or diesel engine. The way the machine is discharged is sprayed out from the discharge port. The height of the spray out can be adjusted according to their own.

Structure of large straw chaff cutting machine

The structure of the large straw pulverizer is similar, both of them contain a feed inlet, gearbox, cutting device, high spout, motor/diesel engine, moving wheels, frame, etc. In general, the silage chaff cutter structure is simple, easy to operate, highly efficient, and ideal forage processing equipment.

 large straw chaff cutter
large straw chaff cutter

Parameters of 9Z-1.2 straw cutting machine

Supporting power3kw single-phase motor
Motor speed2800 rpm/minute
Machine weight80KG
Production efficiency1200KG/H
Number of blades6
Feeding methodManual feeding
Discharging effect7-35mm
Structure typedisc
9Z-1.2 straw cutting machines parameter
large capacity chaff cutting machine working video

Advantages of the straw chopper

  • Steel structure frame, small volume, lightweight, easy to move.
  • Design an insurance device, to eliminate knife gnawing accidents, the machine is safe and reliable.
  • The grass roller drive shaft uses universal coupling, compact structure, flexible operation, and easy disassembly, and assembly.
  • The supporting power is various choices, electric motor, diesel engine, the tractor can be matched, especially for the lack of electricity in the region is more suitable.
  • The machine blade is made of high-quality steel, refined by special technology, and wear-resistant. The use of high-strength bolts, the use of safe and reliable.
  • Silage chaff cutter shell is made of a thickened steel plate continuously welded, the whole mold forming, beautiful, and durable.
straw chopper
straw chopper

Working principle of large straw cutter

Whether it is a large or small silage chaff cutter, their working principle is the same. The motor, diesel engine, and gasoline engine transmit the power from the belt to the main shaft. The gear at the other end of the main shaft transmits the speed-regulated power. When the material enters between the upper and lower press rollers from the inlet. Then the high-speed rotating knives quickly carry out the grass-cutting operation. Finally, the cut grass is thrown out of the machine through the outlet.

Successful case

A customer from the Philippines purchased a 9Z-1.2 silage chaff cutter from us. The customer has raised some cattle. Some time ago he decided to expand the scale of his breeding. Therefore, he also wanted to purchase a larger model of the guillotine to process forage.

According to the customer’s required output, we recommended the 9Z-1.2 silage chaff cutter. We also sent the customer pictures, videos, and parameters of the machine for his reference. After two weeks, the customer paid for the machine.