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The straw cutting machine is a good helper for making silage. We have had to manufacture the chaff cutter for many years. And we have the full models of silage chaff cutters. They are different in output.

And especially from model 9Z-2.5A to 9Z-10A, which have the extra function of automatic feeding stalks. And the smaller output grass choppers need people to feed the material manually.

Brief introduction of the straw cutting machine

The straw cutting machine has a conveyor belt. And this belt can send the materials into the crushing room automatically. This function can help people save much energy and time. So the efficiency is very high.

Also, the height of the automatic chaff cutter’s output is higher than the small model of the chaff cutter. So, it is convenient for customers to send the crushed silage everywhere. Users can also adjust the outlet high for easy use.

What machines can work together with the electric hay chaff cutter?

Customers can match the straw cutting machine with the silage bale wrapper or hydraulic silage baler machine. Because users can turn the stalks into round or square bales directly. So, it is easy to use for farmers.

Technical information data of elephant grass cutting machine

Supporting power3kW motor
Motor speed2800 rpm/min
Number of blades6 pcs
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Output effect7-35MM length
elephant grass-cutting machine’s parameter

Advantages of the fodder-cutting machine

  1. High capacity. The 9Z series automatic straw cutting machines have higher outputs. And the lowest capacity is 2.5ton.
  2. More convenient to use. This model’s machine has an automatic stalk-sending conveyor belt. Users only need to put the stalks on the belt.  
  3. Variety of power. The automatic chop cutter machine can work with diesel, gasoline, or motor engine.
  4. Wide using application. The chaff cutter can process most of the stalk, straw, grass, etc. And can be used by various farmers and feed mills.
fodder-cutting machine

Working video of the grass chopper machine

Why choose our cow feed cutting machine?

  1. We produce all the machines by using the extra heavy steel plate. Therefore the fodder cutter machines are durable. So the service life is longer.
  2. The motor is copper. So, the motor can provide strong power and the machine can run stably.
  3. Easy to move. Our automatic chaff cutter has wheels, which can move everywhere.
  4. Low noise and energy saving. There is very little noise when the paddy straw-cutting machine is working. And, it consumes less energy than other machines.
cow feed cutting machine
cow feed cutting machine