silage baler machine for sale

Indonesian Cattle Farm Chooses Automatic Baling and Wrapping Machine

After purchasing our automatic baling and wrapping machine, the cattle farm solved the problem of low quality and efficiency of the previous machine.

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silage bale wrapper machine for sale

5 Sets of Silage Feed Baler Machines Sent to Georgia

The Georgian distributor purchased our silage feed baler machines, demonstrating a wide range of interest in different types of agricultural machinery. This transaction highlights the efficiency of our inventory management.

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silage balers for Algeria

Silage Baler Machines Help The Rancher in Algeria

An Islamic farmer in Algeria has realized the efficient handling of large quantities of silage and improved the quality of livestock feed by purchasing a fully automatic silage baler machine....

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silage chaff cutting machine

India’s Silage Assistant: Taizy Chaff Grinder to Create A New Era of Feed

At the beginning of the month, Taizy company successfully sent 5 sets of highly efficient chaff grinders for feed to India.

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silage straw baling machine for sale

Helping Malaysian Client Successfully Implement Silage Baling and Wrapping Project

In November, a customer from Malaysia contacted us through a YouTube video to purchase a silage baler and wrapper machine.

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Round bale wrapper for sale

Round bale wrapper for sale to Georgia

Great news! Georgia customer has purchased a round bale wrapper for sale from us. And the machine model is TZ-55-52.

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Silage baler and wrapper for sale

Silage baler and wrapper for sale shipped to Botswana

Our silage baler and wrapper for sale are one of the hot-selling products of all agricultural machinery.

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Corn silage baler

Corn silage baler exported to Algeria

Good news! A customer from Algeria has purchased 40 HQ of corn silage balers and fish pellet mills from us.

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Round bale wrapper for sale

Round bale wrapper sold to Kenya

Good news! A Kenyan customer has purchased a TS-55*52 round bale wrapper and other accessories from us.

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hydraulic silage press baler

Hydraulic silage press baler shipped to Tanzania

Yesterday, our customer from Tanzania bought a 9ky-70 hydraulic silage press baler. The efficiency of this hydraulic baler is 1-2 tons per hour.

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