feed baling wrapping machine for sale

Bangladeshi Customer Purchased 70 Model Baler Wrapper Machine

Bangladesh customers buy 70 model baler wrapper, through active communication and detailed graphic introduction, successfully built up the trust of customers, and finally realized the cooperation.

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silage baling wrapping machines for sale

Uzbekistan Customer Purchased 8 Sets of Silage Feed Baler Wrapper Machines

Uzbekistan customers purchased a large number of our silage feed baler wrappers to meet the fodder preservation needs of their farm projects, demonstrating their trust and recognition of the quality....

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silage compactor machine for sale

Silage Round Baler And Chaff Cutter Shipped To Cote d’Ivoire

Our company successfully shipped a silage round baler and matching chaff cutting to Cote d'Ivoire, providing efficient packaging and grass management solutions for local agricultural production.

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silage bale wrapping machine

Forage Bale Wrapping Machine Helps Kenyan Farmer Exhibit

We successfully sold a set of forage bale wrapping machine to a participant of Kenya's Agricultural Support Program, helping to raise the image of agricultural modernization at its exhibition.

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animal feed baler for sale

Uzbekistan Cattle Farm Chooses Silage Baling Machine

We provided 8 sets of silage baling machines to a powerful cattle farm in Uzbekistan. Established long-term cooperative relationships by meeting customers' high requirements for product performance and services.

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forage packaging machinery for sale

Hay and Forage Baling Machine Helps Malaysian Cattle Farm

The Malaysian cattle farm once again purchased the hay and forage baling machine to improve the efficiency of beef and milk production and solve the previous problem of poor straw....

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haylage balers for sale

4 Sets of 55-52 Forage Baling Machines Sent to Thailand

An agricultural machinery dealer in Thailand purchased a large amount of forage baling machines based on our product quality advantages, flexible customization services and competitive prices.

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silage wrapping machine for sale

Jordanian Customer Purchased Model 70 Corn Silage Bales Machine

We successfully sent a 9YDB-70 corn silage bales machine to Jordan. The customer had clear purchase objectives and attention to detail, and ended up purchasing the machine and a large....

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silage baling machine for sale

Silage Haylage Baling Machine Sent to Botswana

A rancher in Botswana purchased our double-wrapping haylage baling machine, which upgraded from the hand-pulled film era to fully automatic operation and improved the efficiency of cattle feed production.

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silage baler machine for sale

Indonesian Cattle Farm Chooses Automatic Baling and Wrapping Machine

After purchasing our automatic baling and wrapping machine, the cattle farm solved the problem of low quality and efficiency of the previous machine.

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