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Taizy Machinery is an agricultural technology company specializing in researching, developing, and manufacturing forage-related machines. For example silage balers, chaff cutters, and straw recyclers. We have been researching forage processing-related machines since our establishment. We have become a famous forage machinery manufacturer by improving and upgrading the technology of making machines with the pace of the times. So far, our machines are sold to many countries, such as Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Guatemala, Portugal, Botswana, and so on. We look forward to bringing you convenience!

Taizy factory

Hot products

Hydraulic Baler Machine Hay Baling Equipment

Hydraulic baler machine can extrude all kinds of straw and grass into square bales. Then bales are wrapped in two layers of bags, PE+PP.

Stalk cutting recycling machine

Stalk cutting recycling machine丨silage harvester machine

Straw cutting recycling machine is a straw harvesting and processing equipment. The machine can handle all kinds of straw and forage.

Round hay baler

Round Hay Baler And Square Straw Picking Machine

The round hay baler is generally used in post-harvest corn fields. Because it can only handle corn stalks that have been kneaded. It performs the function of picking up and....

Silage chaff cutter

Silage Chaff Cutter Animal Feed Grass Cutting Machine

Silage chaff cutters are widely used in large, medium, and small livestock farms and breeding farms. This post describes a few different types of chaff cutters.

Silage wrapping machine

Silage Wrapping Machine Hay Baler For Sale

The silage wrapping machine is a kind of agricultural machinery. Today, many farmers are using this machine to help keep fodder such as cattle and sheep fresh.

Corn silage baler machine

Automatic Corn Silage Baler Machine For Feed Preservation

Corn silage baler machine is silage wrapping equipment. This machine can bale and wrap all kinds of crushed straw and forage. Mostly used for storage and preservation of feed.

Why choose Taizy Machinery?

Rich export experience

We have been exporting for more than 30 years and can solve most of the problems encountered in the export process.

Professional machinery manufacturing team

We have professional research, supervision, and a manufacturing team to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Comprehensive service

We will bring professional answers, professional machine suggestions, and one-year after-sales service to customers.



silage baler wrapper for sale

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silage baling machine in Kenya

Popular Silage Making Machine In Kenya


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Round silage packing machine

Round silage packing machine’s troubles and solutions


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Silage bale wrapper

Silage bale wrapper’s application and Precautions


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