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Hydraulic baler machines can extrude all kinds of straw and grass into square bales. And the processed bales are wrapped in two layers of bags, PE+PP. The wrapped forage is fermented and rich in nutrients for long-term storage.

As some areas do not grow forage all year round. Therefore, we can process the forage and straw into pieces during the peak season. And then bale them into bales by balers. When there is a shortage of forage in the season, we can use the silage to feed livestock.

Three-cylinder hydraulic baler working video

Brief introduction to the hydraulic baler machine

There are two types of hydraulic balers in Taizy, the two-cylinder hydraulic baler, and the three-cylinder hydraulic baler. These two models of hydraulic baler machines can handle the same raw materials. And the size of the treated bales is 700*400*300mm. About the power, the power of the double-cylinder baler can be an electric motor or diesel engine.

While the power of the three-cylinder hydraulic baler can only be the motor. Compared with the double-cylinder hydraulic baler, the triple-cylinder has higher working efficiency and higher bale density. Therefore, the amount of forage processed per hour is also higher. Besides, we also have the chaff cutter machine, which can work before using the hydraulic baler machine.

Using scopes of the hydraulic hay baler

Raw materials: The hydraulic baler machine can process straw, hay, sorghum, corn silage, corn straw, wheat straw, peanut seedlings, cotton straw, alfalfa grass, mycorrhiza, etc. We can use these forages to feed cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, rabbits, and other livestock.
Users: The hydraulic baler machine is indispensable equipment for animal husbandry, paper making, cattle and sheep breeding, forage distribution, and straw power generation.

hydraulic hay baler
hydraulic hay baler

Structure of the press baler

Structure of the double-cylinder hay and straw baler

This model OF hydraulic baler machine mainly includes a fixed bracket, power, cooling device, oil reservoir, hydraulic cylinder, electric fire fighting equipment, oil pipeline, oil separator, etc.

3-cylinder hydraulic baler structure

Machine’s parameters

Double cylinder baler

Power15kw motor or 28HP diesel engine
Displacement of oil cylinder63-80L/min
The normal pressure of oil cylinder16Mpa
Bale size700*400*300mm
Bale Density300-400kg/h
Bundling efficiency1-2t/h
Speed of Bundling Piston4-8m/min
Double cylinder baler parameter

Three-cylinder silage baler machine

Displacement of Oil Cylinder80L/min
Normal Pressure of Oil Cylinder18Mpa
Bale Size700*400*300mm
Bundling Efficiency6-8t/h
Bale Density800-1100kg/m3
Speed of Bundling Piston4-8m/min
Silage baler machine parameter

How does the hydraulic baler work?

Both of them put the forage into the machine first. Turn on the hydraulic baler machine, when the main cylinder is pushed horizontally and compacted, and the side cylinders are compacted longitudinally. Finally, the pushing head pushes the bale into the bag. Finish all the baling process.

Prepare the grass, straw, or other raw materials into the entrance of the hydraulic baler machine by manual drop or conveyor belt.

The hay cutting machine or straw kneading machine crushes the added raw materials and grinds them for processing and making.

The straw bag is placed at the exit to package the finished material after processing.

Automatic control cabinet, one key to start processing and packaging, simple and convenient.

The volume and size of the processed material are consistent, in line with the packaging standards, and convenient for transportation and storage.

corn silage hydraulic baling machine working video

Advantages of the hydraulic wheat hay baler

  • Large horizontal sleeve baler with high packing density and beautiful bag shape.
  • Easy to install, simple operation, convenient maintenance, small footprint.
  • The hydraulic system adopts high and low pressure combined with high efficiency and fast, which reflects the fast and high efficiency of baling, saving electricity, labor, and time.
  • Adopt sealed original parts, the long service life of the oil cylinder.
  • Wide range of applications. Now the hydraulic baler machine is widely used in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry. The environment and the protection of resources play a huge role.
  • A straw baler can press silage straws, dry corn straws, all kinds of straw shredders, waste plastic film, etc., for baling, and yet automatic bagging and packaging.
  • Feeding method: The conveyor belt feeding machine uses double-cylinder balanced compression, and a special hydraulic system, so the power is more stable.
press baling machine
press baling machine

Benefits of using a hydraulic baler

  • No longer digging silage ponds.
  • Long preservation time (up to 3 years naturally).
  • Low packaging costs.
  • Save labor (a full set of equipment requires only 2-3 people to work).
  • Save space, feed easy to transport.
  • Save heart, easy operation of equipment (fully automatic control).
  • It will ferment naturally after packing and sealing, producing probiotics, beneficial bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and protein, thus fermenting naturally. So that cattle, sheep, and other livestock can easily absorb after feeding and the growth ratio will be increased by 2%.

Other machines that can be matched

As the hydraulic baler machine handles more forage, the feed opening is higher. Therefore we recommend using a forage crushing machine to first crush the straw. Then connect the conveyor belt to send the crushed material into the hydraulic baler. You can also use the feed mixer to mix the different forages evenly and then connect the conveyor belt to the machine.

hydraulic stalk baler machine
hydraulic stalk baler machine

Successful cases

Last week a customer from Kenya purchased a hydraulic baler machine from us. The customer has a livestock farm and wants to keep fresh forage to feed throughout the year. The customer searched online for a machine that could store forage for a long time.

And he entered our website. After browsing, the customer was interested in our hydraulic baler machine and contacted us via WhatsApp. So, we talked to him about all aspects of the machine. And then the customer decided to buy a two-cylinder hydraulic baler.

Whether you have any questions or need more detailed information, we welcome your inquiries at any time. We sincerely invite you to visit our factory and look forward to cooperating with you.