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Recently, our company successfully sent 2 sets of silage round baling machines to a customer from Costa Rica, namely TZ-55-52 and TZ-70.

Customer background and needs

The customer runs a large company with 25 years of import and export experience, mainly engaged in pineapple planting and sales. In addition to selling pineapples, they also use innovative methods to break up and dehydrate pineapple fibers and convert them into silage to solve pest problems. To improve production efficiency and extend the shelf life of silage, the customer decided to purchase a baling and wrapping machine.

Detailed communication process

During the communication process, the customer asked a lot of detailed questions, including whether there is a dehydrator, whether a 7m³ silo can be produced, and whether the specific sizes of nets and films are available.

We patiently answered all the customer’s questions and provided corresponding solutions and spot inventory maps to enhance the customer’s trust.

Customized silage round baling machine solutions

To meet the special needs of customers, we customized the machine. The customer requested that the inner wall of the machine be made of stainless steel to prevent the wet raw materials from damaging the machine, and we gladly accepted and implemented this improvement.

In addition, according to the local voltage requirements in Costa Rica, we customized the appropriate motor and sent the picture to the customer for confirmation after the production was completed. The customer also required the PLC control screen to be set to the English version, and we also made corresponding adjustments.

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Results and customer feedback

Finally, we completed the manufacturing of two sets of baling and wrapping machines and gave the customer two years of machine accessories. These machines not only met the customer’s high standards but also provided an efficient solution for the preservation and storage of their pineapple fiber.