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The silage wrapping machine is a kind of agricultural machinery. And nowadays, with the development of agricultural technology, many farmers use machinery to handle their daily work. Nowadays, people use baling and wrapping machines to store the forage needed by cattle and sheep. The forage wrapped in the plastic film is good for long-time preservation and improves the nutritional value of forage, which is one of the preferred machines for most farmers.

What is the TZ-70-70 silage wrapping machine?

Our TZ-70-70 silage wrapping machine is a fully automatic machine. The finished size of the bale is 70cm long and 70cm in diameter. Since it is a fully automatic machine, the bale opening and wrapping are done automatically. The machine also uses double-film winding for higher working efficiency. In addition, the power of the machine can only be an electric motor.

 hay baler machine
hay baler machine

Features of the hay baler machine

  1. The silage wrapping machine does not require too much operation and can be completed by one person. Save time and effort.
  2. Double film winding, faster wrapping speed, and higher efficiency.
  3. Silage wrapping machine can handle all kinds of silage and has a wide range of applications.
  4. The final finished bale is large and can handle a large amount of silage at one time. Meet the demand for baled silage.

Structure of corn silage baler and wrapper

The corn silage baler and wrapper mainly includes the bottom frame, belt conveyor, ball bin, rotating frame, film transferring mechanism, film pressing, and cutting mechanism, baling motor and rotating motor, etc.

forage baler wrapper machine
forage baler wrapper machine

How does the forage baler wrapper work?

Parameters of forage baler wrapper machine

Model TZ-70-70
Power11kw+0.55kw+0.75kw+3kw+0.37kw electric motor
Bale sizeΦ70*70cm
Bale weight150-200kg/bale
Air compressor volume0.36m³
Feeding conveyor(W*L)700*2100mm
Filming cuttingAutomatic
Wrapping efficiency6layers need 22s
forage baler wrapper machine’s parameter

The difference between  TZ-70-70 and TS-55-52 silage round baler

  1. The power of 70 types of silage wrapping machines can only be an electric motor, 50 types can be both electric motor and diesel engine.
  1. The finished size of 70 types of silage wrapping machines is 70*70, and the size of 50 types is 50*52.
  2. 70 type baling and wrapping machines can only use a net rope to bind grass, 50 types can use both net rope and grass rope.
  3. The 70-type silage wrapping machine is fully automatic, the 50-type machine contains two kinds automatic and semi-automatic.
silage baler and wrapper
silage baler and wrapper

What are the machines that can work with automatic silage feed balers?

As the  TZ-70-70 silage wrapping machines can handle more materials at one time. It can include a kneader and a feed mixer. One can first process the forage into flocculent form. And then put it into the feed mixer. After mixing the forage can be put directly into the conveyor belt of the baler.

automatic silage feed balers
automatic silage feed balers


  1. Can I buy the net rope and film separately? Yes
  2. Can I adjust the number of layers of wrapping film by myself? Yes, you can adjust the number of layers according to your needs.
  3. What kind of forage is easier to handle? We recommend you use a kneading machine to process flocculent forage because it is easier to roll the forage together and not easy to spread out.
  4. Do you have a CE certificate? Yes, we do.
  5. What is the power of the machine? The power of TZ-70-70 machines can only be an electric motor, 50 types can be an electric motor and diesel engine.

CE certificate of silage maker machine

We have the CE certificate for the silage maker machine. If you need it, we will provide you with the information on the CE certificate.