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The round hay baler is generally used in post-harvest corn fields. Because of the high corn stalks, the straw picker baler does not have a crushing function. So it can only handle the crushed corn stalks.

However, for forage, wheat, and rice, it is possible to maximize the use of various straw and forage resources and avoid waste. After baling, we can transport and store them to feed livestock. The machine works efficiently and produces up to 1.3-1.65 acres/h.

working video of silage straw round hay baler machine

We have exported the straw picking and baling machines to many countries, such as Holland, Malaysia, Panama, Honduras, Armenia, Indonesia, etc.

What’s the best hay baler?

We have produced two types of best hay balers produced. One is a round hay baler and the other is a square. They handle different shapes of the final product and harvest different widths. Regarding the power, they are both driven by a three-point suspension PTO with the tractor.

The workflow is different for square and round bales. In addition to that, the material used by the machine to bale the bales is also different. The round hay baler can use twine and net to bale, while the square straw picker and baler can only use the rope to bale. What’s more, we also, have the hay cutter and baler, which has the crushing function.

Application scopes of the hay pick up baler machine

The hay pick-up baler machine is suitable for picking, baling, and releasing dry, green grass, rice, wheat, and kneaded corn stalks. At the same time, there are also straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, rape straw, peanut vine, bean straw, and other straw and forage picking and baling. At the same time, straw picking and baling machines are also indispensable and preferred equipment for animal husbandry and the paper industry.

Type I: Pickup round baler

The round hay baler collects material utilizing the front teeth of the machine. The size of the final bale is 70cm in diameter and 100cm in length. The machine is compact, easy to operate, and reliable.

Pickup round baler
Pickup round hay baler

Workflow of the round straw baler

  1. The tractor drives the round hay baler forward to collect the forage or broken straw, when the collected material is enough, the machine will automatically prompt.
  2. Prompt and so on after the light, the driver needs to stop.
  3. Then the machine starts to break automatically. After the baling is finished, the user needs to pull the handle to put out the baled straw or forage.
  4. The user continues to drive the machine forward and repeat the above action.

How does the round hay baler work?

round hay baling machine working site

Structure of the compact round baler

This type of round hay baler mainly includes a picking mechanism, rolling roller mechanism, tying mechanism, bale releasing mechanism, etc. The formed bale is small and compact, and the bale is loose inside and tight outside, with good air permeability, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

compact round baler
compact round baler

Specification of the round hay baler

Power of tractorMore than 40hp
Overall Dimension1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler SizeΦ800*1000mm
Baler weight40-50kg
round hay baler’s parameter

How do the hay and straw baling machines work?

The tractor pulls the round hay baler to ride on the harvested straw. Then as the tractor advances, the power is output and the picking mechanism starts to rotate, picking up the straw and feeding it into the rolling chamber.

With the continuous rotation of the baler drum, the straw entering the bale chamber gradually changes from small to large to form a tight round bale.

Next, when the bale reaches a predetermined density, the alarm horn sounds, and the driver stops the tractor forward.

The driver pulls the hydraulic lever to make the hydraulic valve change direction, the cylinder works, and the rear frame opens and throws out the bale.

hay and straw baling machine
Hay and straw baling machine

Advantages of the mini round baler

  • The compact structure of the round hay baler. The structure of the whole machine is reasonably designed and covers a small area.
  • Easy to operate, the machine is simple in structure and easy to use, only need to learn to operate it smoothly.
  • The good working effect, the bales are compact, loose inside and tight outside, good air permeability.
mini round baler
mini round baler

Type II: Pick up square baler

This type of pick-up square baler can harvest materials of 2m or 2.2m in width. The final size of the bale is 110cm long, 40cm wide, and 30cm high, so customers can choose the right width according to their needs. The square-shaped bales are easy to place and transport. It is an ideal piece of equipment for straw collection.

pick up square baler
pick up square baler

Structure of automatic straw pick-up packing machine

The main working parts include the picking device, transmission mechanism, straw feeding device, bale pressing structure, bale tying structure, limiting device, adjustment and control structure, etc.

Technical information on the tractor-mounted hay picking and baling machine

Power80-90 HP tractor
Working efficient6-15km/h
Working width1.9 m
Bale size110*40*30 cm
Size500*280*140 cm
Weight1460 kg
tractor-mounted hay picking and baling machine parameter
square hay baler working video

Working principle of hay picking and baling machine

The square bale needs to be assembled with the tractor and then used. Therefore, its forward power and running power come from the tractor.

Under normal operating conditions, the rear power output shaft of the tractor transmits the power to the straw picker. The picker collects and lifts the straw by rotation to the conveying and feeding position. The straw is then fed evenly and reliably into the bale compacting chamber.

Afterward, when the pressed straw reaches the standard volume, the baling operation is carried out. Finally, the straw is discharged from the outlet after the bale is finished, thus completing the whole process of straw square bale baling.

hay picking and baling machine
Hay picking and baling machine

Why should we use a grass baler machine?

  • To collect the broken straw left in the field, avoiding the pollution caused by burning straw in the air.
  • Effective and full use of resources, the straw can be collected and used to make paper, electricity, livestock, etc.
  • After baling the straw is easier to transport and store, which facilitates the use of straw and grass.

Why choose our straw picking and baling machine?

  • We have a professional machine manufacturing team. All the machines are made with materials that meet high quality and have reasonable structure.
  • We will provide timely and professional answers to our customers. We have a thorough understanding of the machines and will solve most of the problems encountered by our customers.
  • We provide a one-year after-sales service. Customers can give us feedback on any problems they encounter within one year of receiving the machine. We will help customers to solve all problems with the machine.
stock of our straw picking and baling machine
the stock of our straw picking and baling machine

Faults and solutions

  1. Fault: The picking part is blocked by grass.
    Reason: The grass pile is too big, the driving speed is too fast, and the humidity of the workpiece is too high.
    Solution: Smaller straw pile, slower working speed, dry working material.
  2. Fault: The bale is conical.
    Reason: Driving at one end of the grass strip, and the grass strip is thick at one end.
    Solution: Drive in the center of the grass strip.
  3. Fault: The roller turns the picker does not turn.
    Reason: The safety bolt of the grass picker is cut off.
    Solution: Replace the safety bolt.
  4. Fault: When there is a broken line in the middle of the bundle.
    Reason: the rope supply device pressure rope device resistance, go rope device has a problem.
    Solution: relax the rope and then wear the rope to adjust the spring to reduce the resistance Check the rope walker.