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Taizy is proud to announce the launch of its newest fully automated silage bale wrapping machine. This innovative design makes wrapping easier and significantly improves productivity through full automation with zero human intervention.

silage bale wrapping machine
silage bale wrapping machine

Silage Bale Wrapping Machine Benefits

  • This machine can be used for two-layer wrapping, three-layer wrapping, four-layer wrapping, and six-layer wrapping after adjusting the position of the halfway device.
  • The silage bales wrapped by this machine are preserved for 1 to 2 years after natural anaerobic fermentation.
  • Users can easily set the tightness of wrapping film, bundling time, and other parameters to meet the packaging needs of different products.
  • Compared with similar products at home and abroad, this machine has the advantages of reliable and dense film wrapping, good stretching effect, flexible and convenient operation, and saving about 25% of the film.

How to Operate

Below is a video of the work being done on baling hay bales. The chain of the silage bale wrapping machine is oiled before working every day, the bearings are greased once in 4-5 days, and the number of layers of the wrapping machine and the rope winding time can be adjusted according to the customer’s own requirements.

Suitable Environment for Use

  • It is not allowed to use this machine when the ambient temperature is less than 2 degrees Celsius above zero.
  • It is not allowed to use this machine when the moisture of straw and forage is more than 65%.
  • When using the motor as a power source, a grounding wire must be installed.
  • Clean the silt, rope head, etc. on the bevel gear under the rotating frame in time.
  • When the moisture of the forage is 60%~65%, the weight of the bale to be wrapped is not allowed to exceed 80kg/bale.
  • Only one operation is allowed for each bale wrapped during the working condition.

You can browse this site for more types of silage bale wrapping machines. And, feel free to contact us for details and quotes.