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Corn silage baler machine is silage wrapping equipment. This machine can bale and wrap all kinds of crushed straw and forage. The machine works fast, can pack about 50 bundles per hour, and completes 4-5 tons of raw material packaging per hour.

Nowadays, many livestock farms are using this machine to process forage. Because the forage after wrapping has high nutritional value. And it can be stored for the season when there is a shortage of forage.

PLC-type automatic silage baling wrapping machine working video

What is the TS-55-52 corn silage baler machine?

There are different models of corn silage baler and wrappers produced by Taizy. The size of the bale is different from model to model. In this article, we mainly introduce the TS-55-52 silage machine. So the finished product of this model is 55cm long and 52cm in diameter bale. Our corn silage baler machines are available in automatic and semi-automatic versions. The machine works without human intervention. It saves more time and effort.

Regarding power, the machine can be equipped with two kinds of power: an electric motor and a diesel engine. The diesel engine is suitable for those areas where the power is unstable and can make the machine work more smoothly.

silage baler wrapper machine
silage baler wrapper machine

New PLC-type baling and wrapping machine

Our company proudly presents a new PLC-type silage baling and wrapping machine. This machine now fully automatic film-cutting function, with no need to tear the film manually, which greatly improves the working efficiency and operation convenience.

The using range of silage baler wrapper machine

The corn silage baler machine can handle corn stalks, alfalfa, sugar cane tail leaves, groundnut vines, reeds, bean seedlings, silage from sodas, etc.

These silages have high commercial value after micro-silage, which makes the waste of crops into treasure and improves the utilization rate of resources.

We can then feed the baled silage to cattle, sheep, rabbits, deer, horses, pigs, camels, etc.

silage baler usage
silage baler usage

How does the corn silage baler machine work?

silage baler wrapper machine working site

Technical specifications of the silage baler machine

Power5.5+1.1kw, 3 phase
Bale sizeΦ550*520mm
Diesel engine15 hp
Baling speed40-50 piece/h, 4-5t/h
Machine weight850kg
Bale weight65-100kg/bale
Bale density450-500kg/m³
Rope consumption2.5kg/t
Wrapping machine power1.1-3kw, 3 phase
Film wrapping speed13s for 2-layer film,19s for 3-layer film
silage baler machine’s parameter

Components of the round silage packing machine

The corn silage baler machine mainly includes a conveyor belt, baling chamber, wrapping system, and motor/diesel engine. The overall structure is simple and easy to understand and operate. The silage after baling is dense and easy to store and transport.

round silage packing machine's structure
round silage packing machine’s structure

Workflow of the silage round baler

Firstly, put the silage on the conveyor belt of the corn silage baler machine. The conveyor belt will send the silage into the baling chamber. After the amount of silage reaches a certain amount, the light above the baling chamber will light up and we should stop feeding at this time.

Then the silage goes into the baling chamber. The baling chamber will roll the silage into round bales. At the same time, the bale will be baled with straw rope or net.

After baling, the silage enters the wrapping system, where the silage is wrapped.

silage round baler
silage round baler

Why is it necessary to bale the silage?

  • The wrapped straw crop is suitable for long-term storage. The grass is not easy to deteriorate, and easy to transport. And is the choice of silage preparation for cattle, sheep, and livestock.
  • Baling and high density. Suitable for extrusion baling of corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, and pasture grass. It can greatly reduce the storage area and facilitate breeding.
  • Improve transportation capacity, in line with road transport.
  • The silage baler can take up for the shortage and low quality of forage sources in the livestock industry. And reduce the cost of feeding, and improve the production and quality of meat or milk. So the forage industry has embarked on commercialization.
Corn silage baler machine
Corn silage baler machine

Whether you are a family farm or a large-scale agricultural production, our silage machines can help you to improve production efficiency and ensure feed quality. We sincerely welcome you to contact us anytime for more product details and professional advice.