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Stalk cutting recycling machine is a multifunctional straw harvesting and processing equipment. The machine can handle all kinds of straw and forage. The output of the machine is up to 0.25-0.48h㎡/h and the recycling rate is above 80%.

In addition to processing, the machine can collect the harvested straw and return it to the field directly. One machine is multi-purpose and can meet the multiple needs of customers. Now the use of straws is more diversified, people can use straws to create more benefits. The crushed and recycled straw can be used for both breeding plants and power generation.

silage stalk crushing and recycling machine working video

In addition to the straw crushing and recycling machine, we also have a baling and wrapping machine and a hydraulic baler, so customers can choose the right machine for themselves.

What are stalk cutting recycling machines?

The stalk cutting recycling machine needs to work with a tractor. When working, the tractor moves forward in the field while driving the machine to harvest the straw and crush it for collection. The machine works directly in the field saving time and labor for harvesting straw.

The machine is available in different models. The width of the stalk cutting recycling machine harvested varies from model to model and the horsepower of the tractor varies. We have 1.3m, 1.35m, 1.5m, 1.65m, 1.7m, 1.8m, and 2m different harvesting widths.

Stalk cutting recycling machine
Stalk-cutting recycling machine

Using scope of the silage harvester machine

Harvesting objects: The stalk cutting recycling machine can process various standing dry and wet straw crops after fruit harvesting, corn stalks, cotton stalks, banana stalks, sorghum stalks, grain stalks, wheat stalks, field green stalks, and other biomass-crushing harvesting.
Usage: After harvesting straw crushed material, applied to farms, feed mills silage feed, or processing straw pellet feed. Also, charcoal plants and straw coal plants can use these materials to produce charcoal, straw coal, and other biomass power generation fuel. Besides, it can as a culture substrate for edible mushroom growers.

How does the silage harvester machine work?

silage straw cutter recycling machine working video

Structure of the forage harvester

The structure of the stalk cutting recycling machine is simple and easy to operate. The machine mainly includes a crushing chamber, hydraulic automatic unloading device, 60HP tractor, crushed straw container, PTO driven, hydraulic device, etc.

forage harvester
forage harvester

Details of the corn stalk crushing and recycling machine

Parameters of the corn silage harvester

NameChaff harvester
Engine≥60HP tractor
Harvesting width1.3m
Recycling rate≥80%
Fling distance3-5m
Fling height≥2m
The length of crushed strawLess than 80mm
Rotating blade32
Cutter shaft speed(r/min)2160
Working speed2-4km/h
corn silage harvester parameter

Advantages of the trailed forage harvester

  • Multi-function. Integrated guillotine, kneader, shredder, and straw harvester functions in one, to achieve a multi-purpose stalk cutting recycling machine.
  • With high efficiency and low consumption, the purpose of comprehensive use of biomass energy. The development of biomass energy has far-reaching significance. It is an ideal farming tool for small, medium, and large farmers.
  • The number of processes is reduced to one process, with high efficiency and energy saving. Mainly highlighting high yield, low energy consumption, and low comprehensive cost.
  • A wide range of applications adapts to various standing dry and wet straw crops after the fruit harvest.
trailed forage harvester
trailed forage harvester

Successful cases

A customer from Malaysia bought a 1.3m stalk cutting recycling machine from us. He feeds cattle and sheep in his local area. To get sufficient feed, the customer needed a straw grinder to process the corn stalks. According to the customer’s needs, we recommended the model with a 1.3M harvesting width.

We sent the pictures, parameters, and video of the machine to the customer. After consideration, the customer decided to buy one. After the customer received the stalk cutting recycling machine, he used it for a while. He said the machine performed very well and he was satisfied with it and looked forward to the next cooperation with us.


What is the function of the stalk cutting recycling machine?

The function of straw crushing and recycling.

Can I buy only the crushing part?

Yes, you can crush the straw separately (the price is also cheaper). It is recommended that you use a hopper truck to follow the shredder.

Can you handle dry straws?

Yes, but green straw is the best for freshness and storage for animals.

How much horsepower does the machine need?

80 hp tractor, different harvesting width with different tractor horsepower sizes, to confirm the customer tractor horsepower size.

What is the height of the stubble after crushing?


What is the fineness of the crushed straw?

It is 3-5cm.