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Customer background and needs explored

The Ivorian customer runs a farm that specializes in cattle business and has shown considerable strength. A silage round baler machine and a chaff cutter were purchased for preserving cattle feed.

The customer had previous import experience and was concerned about customs and ocean freight issues. When discussing the customer’s needs and expectations, we focused on the purpose of using the machines and the reasons for purchase.

Purpose and advantages of silage round baler

The silage round baler and the chaff cutting machine are used together, which can provide a reliable solution for customers to keep their cattle feed fresh.

  • The baling and wrapping machine is used to bale hay or silage and seal it with wrapping film to keep the freshness and nutritional value of cattle feed.
  • Chaff cutter, on the other hand, is used to cut grass into lengths suitable for cattle and knead it into an easy-to-eat form, improving the taste and digestive efficiency of cattle feed.

The advantages of these machines are that they are efficient and convenient, save labor and resource costs, and can improve the productivity and economic efficiency of the ranch.

With these two high-performance machines, the customer can better manage the quality and supply of cattle feed, improve cattle growth efficiency and production, and in turn, enhance the competitiveness and profitability of the farm.