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Diversity needs of Georgian customers

The Georgian client is an agricultural machinery dealer specializing in the wholesale and resale of agricultural machinery. The needs for a wide range of farm machinery types include silage feed baler machines and corn threshers.

  1. Bale wrapper requirements: The customer purchased five sets of 55-52 bale wrappers, including one diesel model and four motor models. This shows the customer’s need for different power types to meet different user choices.
  2. Corn thresher purchase: The purchase of 2 sets of corn threshers shows the customer’s focus on machinery needs for grain harvesting.
silage feed baler machine for sale
silage feed baler machine for sale

Silage feed baler machine delivery

The customer quickly completed the purchase transaction, in which the diesel model and the motor model of the baling and wrapping machine were delivered within a week. This reflects our company’s efficient inventory management and delivery capability.

Customers express their concern about after-sales service in the communication, which shows that they have high expectations for the maintenance and service of the silage feed baler machines after purchase.

The customer expressed interest in the wheat planter but failed to close the deal due to a lack of stock. This also highlights that our company has an insufficient supply of certain products and may need to further optimize inventory management.

silage baling wrapping machine
silage baling wrapping machine

Customer expectations and experiences

The customer has concerns about the durability of the silage feed baler machine and the availability of worn parts, which is an expectation for us to provide long-lasting and maintainable machines. In addition, we proactively offer a one-year warranty on the entire machine and spare parts. In addition, online technical support is provided for lifelong.

The customer knows less about the machine during the purchase process, and inquiries about after-sales and warranty indicate that they have relatively little experience with the machine. This also reminds us of the need to provide more detailed information and service support during the sales process.