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Recently, our company successfully sent an advanced forage bale wrapping machine to a customer in Kenya who actively participates in the local government’s agricultural support program, together with a chaff cutter to provide technical support for its agricultural exhibition.

This customer, through the government-funded machine purchase program, plans to demonstrate modern baling technology in agricultural exhibitions to promote the modernization of local agriculture.

Customer background information

This customer is an active participant in the local agricultural sector in Kenya and is committed to the modernization of agriculture through the government’s agricultural support program.

Through the program, he successfully obtained partial funding to purchase agricultural machinery and equipment to improve the efficiency of his farm. His Agricultural Showcase event aims to share the success of modern technology in increasing agricultural production capacity.

Forage bale wrapping machine purchase

This piece of our equipment is widely used for agricultural work such as forage baling. It can quickly and automatically bundle agricultural products and wrap them with bale wrap to improve storage and transportation efficiency.

Initially, the customer planned to purchase two forage bale wrapping machines to more fully demonstrate modern agricultural processes. However, due to limited funds, it was finally decided to purchase one unit first. Despite the reduced quantity, this advanced machine will establish a good technical image for the customer at the exhibition and present a vivid case of agricultural modernization to the audience.