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Good news! A customer from Portugal has bought the round bale wrapper from us. We have two different models of baling and wrapping machines. They are TS-55-52 silage baler machine and TZ-70-70, the customer bought two TZ-70-70 round bale wrappers and also the film and rope. The baler is an ideal baler for agricultural forage. By wrapping the crushed forage with plastic film, the excess forage can be effectively stored and transported. And forage is more nutritious through fermentation, which is better for livestock to digest and absorb.

Customer’s purchase process

How did the customer contact us?

The customer urgently needed two round bale wrappers to process forage. So he searched for related machines on Google. After entering our website, the customer was interested in our balers and wrappers. He contacted us via WhatsApp on our website.

The communication process with the customer

After we received the inquiry from the customer, we immediately discussed the machine with the customer. The customer indicated that he needed two round bale wrappers. So we first provided the customer with pictures and videos of the machines. After that, we sent the machine parameters to the customer and let the customer choose the right machine model for him. After consideration, the customer indicated that the TS-70-70 would better meet his requirements. We then gave the customer a quote and the customer said the price was OK. We then determined the voltage size for the customer.

Payment and shipping

The customer paid a 50% deposit first and then we made the round bale wrapper for the customer. After the machine was completed the customer paid the remaining amount. Since the customer had purchased the machine from China before. So we shipped the baling and wrapping machine directly to his freight forwarder.

Parameters of the forage baler wrapper machine

Model TZ-70-70
Power11kw+0.55kw+0.75kw+3kw+0.37kw electric motor
Bale sizeΦ70*70cm
Bale weight150-200kg/bale
Air compressor volume0.36m³
Feeding conveyor(W*L)700*2100mm
Filming cuttingAutomatic
Wrapping efficiency6layers need 22s
round bale wrappers parameter


  1. How much space do I need for two round bale wrappers?
    2 units need one 20ft container.
  2. How long do you need for shipping the machine to LISBOA PORTUGAL?
    The voyage takes about 45-50 days
  3. What is the industrial voltage standard in your country?
    380v, 3 phase 50 Hz Is ok
  4. Do you have the Original CE certificate for each piece of equipment?
    Yes, we have. If you need the paper one, we can print and send it with other documents to you by DHL.
round bale wrappers
round bale wrappers

Why do customers choose Taizy’s silage packing machine?

  1. Prompt response. Although we have time differences with our customers, we will communicate with them about any aspect of the machine in a timely manner.
  2. Professional knowledge of the machine. Our sales manager knows the round bale wrapper well and is experienced. Therefore, we can solve any questions arising from customers.
  3. Comprehensive after-sales service. We will provide a one-year after-sales service. Customers can give us feedback if they have any problems. We will deal with it timely online or offline.
silage packing machine stock
silage packing machine stock

About CE certificate

Our round bale wrapper and straw crushing and recycling machine have CE certificates. If you need we will provide you with the relevant certificates. If you need a CE certificate for other machines, we will also handle it for you.