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Good news! A customer from Malaysia has purchased a silage harvester from us. The customer bought a forage harvester with a harvesting width of 1.5M. Our straw crushing and recycling machines are available in different harvesting widths. It can meet the different needs of our customers. In addition, we also produce silage baler wrappers related to straw handling. They can work together to make bales.

Why did the customer buy the silage harvester?

The customer is from Malaysia and had a silage harvester before. But the machine has been used for a long time and its efficiency of the machine has decreased. Therefore, it could not meet the customer’s needs.

forage harvester
forage harvester

How did the customer buy the straw crushing and recycling machine?

  1. The customer searched for a corn stalk reaping machine on Google, and then chose our website by comparison and sent an inquiry.
  2. We immediately communicate with the customer about the machine. We send pictures and details of the machine and video. And we confirm to the customer the harvesting width of the machine he needs.
  3. After confirming the harvesting width is 1.5M, we sent the parameters and quotation for the forage harvester.
  4. The customer thought that the machine met his budget. So he decided to place an order.
  5. Regarding the transportation, at first, the customer wanted to double clear to the door, but after checking the cost, we suggested the customer transport the machine through a freight forwarder which is more cost-effective.
straw crushing and recycling machine
straw crushing and recycling machine

The benefits of using a corn stalk reaping machine?

  1. Save time and effort. The straw crushing and recycling machine can work directly in the field, without the need for the user to collect the straw first.
  2. Powerful. The corn stalk reaping machine can directly crush the straw and collect it or throw it into the ground. So it can meet a variety of needs.
  3. The crushed straw can be fed directly to livestock, or the crushed straw can be stored using the bale wrapping machine.
corn stalk reaping machine
corn stalk reaping machine