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Round silage packing machines are used by many breeding plants. Various problems can occur when the machine is not used for a long time. In order to allow users to solve the problems to use the silage packing machine smoothly, the following are the main problems and solutions pointed out by Taizé manufacturers!

First-tire deformation of the round silage packing machine

Cause: After the round silage packing machine stops use, its own weight is completely borne by the tires, thus causing the parts in contact with the ground to bear too much pressure and deformation.

Solution: When parking the silage packing machine for a long time, the silage baler and wrapper machine can be supported. Or every few days will be one machine before and after moving, avoid one machine weight long-term pressure on the same location of the tire, to ensure that the tire does not deform.

Round silage packing machine
Round silage packing machine

Second-baling and wrapping machine surface rust

Reason: The silage baler and wrapper machine are long put by acid, alkali, salt water solution and oxygen, humid air, and other media, so that the metal surface electrochemical corrosion, resulting in the gradual corrosion of metal.


  1. Thorough cleaning before storage of the silage baler and wrapper machine. The dust and oil on the integrated machine should be removed, and the lubrication parts should be lubricated.
  2. Make up the paint. Find the paint off parts, and repaint.
  3. Moisture-proof. The storage room should be ventilated and dry. Try to keep the relative humidity below 70%.
baling and wrapping machine
Baling and wrapping machine

Third-round bale wrapper’s water tank is frozen and cracked

Reason: When the temperature is at 0℃ and below if the water in the engine is not released, the water will freeze and crack the body and water tank due to the phenomenon of perverse expansion of water.

Solution: Before the round silage packing machine is parked for a long time, the cooling water inside the machine needs to be thoroughly released.

Fourth-silage packing machine’s rubber parts aging

Reasons: The rubber parts on the round silage packing machine are mainly tires, hydraulic oil pipes, and so on. In the long-term storage process, they are subject to sunlight exposure, external deformation, staining with oil, and other reasons, the surface layer of these parts will become sticky or hardened and brittle or even broken down.


  1. Avoid direct sunlight, park the round bale wrapper in storage.
  2. Prevent the rubber parts from sticking to the oil, if they are inadvertently stained, they should be scrubbed clean immediately.
  3. Protect from long-term deformation by force.
silage packing machine
Silage packing machine