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Customer background information analysis

Recently, our company was honored to successfully deliver 4 sets of 55-52 model forage baling machines to a powerful agricultural machinery dealer in Thailand.

The dealer focuses on the sale of livestock machinery, mainly involved in the sales of tractors, feed mixers, mowers, spreaders, and other products. With its many years of experience and stable market position, it has become an important player in the field of agricultural machinery in Thailand.

Main reasons for purchase

The customer chose our forage baling machine(Corn silage baler machine丨silage baler wrapper machine) mainly based on the excellent performance and quality of our products. He has a deep understanding of silage machinery and understands the high efficiency, stability, and durability of our machines.

When faced with the problem of voltage mismatch, our company responded flexibly and installed an inverter for the customer, which solved the customer’s worries. In addition, the preferential prices for large purchases provided by our company are also one of the key factors for customers to choose our company.

Product adaptability improvement

The customer’s voltage requirement is 220V, and the standard voltage of our silage baling and wrapping machine is 380V.

To meet customer needs, we installed a frequency converter on the PLC control cabinet to realize free switching of machine voltage. This customized service fully demonstrates our company’s flexible response to customer needs and technological innovation.

Forage baling machine price advantage

Our company has been committed to improving production efficiency and reducing production costs through technological improvements and process optimization of the factory.

This also provides us with a flexible pricing strategy, allowing us to offer more competitive prices to bulk-purchasing customers. The customer’s satisfaction with the price of our products has been further reflected in this transaction.