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Silage vacuum packing machines are now essential pieces of equipment for the livestock industry. This is because silage balers help to store forage and make up for the seasonal shortage of grass. At the same time, the baled forage is more nutritious and tasty after fermentation.

This is beneficial for the healthy growth of livestock. Taizy produces fully automatic and semi-automatic best silage balers. Customers can always ask for advice if they need it.

Advantages of the silage vacuum packing machine

  1. Our conveyor belt is very intelligent, it can automatically feed and alarm when the material is full.
    Then the conveyor belt automatically stops feeding and the baling chamber starts wrapping the rope. After baling the silage vacuum packing machine automatically cuts the rope.
  2. The fully automatic corn silage packing machine automatically opens and closes the bunker hydraulically, which is convenient and reduces labor intensity.
  3. The bales are automatically ejected from the bunker and wrapped automatically. After the wrapping is completed, the bale is
  4. After wrapping, the film is automatically cut off.
  5. After wrapping, the finished bale is automatically ejected from the wrapper and loaded onto the truck.
  6. After wrapping, the bales are vacuumed and tightly wrapped, with good preservation and fermentation effect. This helps to increase the nutritional content and palatability of the forage.
  7. The finished bales can be stored in the open air, saving investment costs in warehouses.
  8. The baled forage has a long storage time.
silage vacuum packing machine
silage vacuum packing machine

Notes on the use of the silage round balers for sale

  1. Before using the silage vacuum packing machine, turn the rotary switch to manual. Start the open bin button and press the close bin button to see if it is normal. In case of special circumstances press the red mushroom head and unscrew it at start-up. Be sure to make the necessary adjustments, which include: the rope winding mechanism, the tightness of the chain, the tightness of the bale, and other parts of the bale. Check that all parts are running normally and if there are any abnormalities, stop the machine for maintenance.
  2. When checking all parts, firstly cut off the power input. Before starting the silage vacuum packing machine, make sure the motor is in positive rotation. Do not use the baler with the motor in reverse.
  3. When the silage round balers for sale is in operation, keep them running at a safe speed. Keep others at a safe distance.
  4. If the corn silage baler is blocked, cut off the power before clearing. When unloading the bale wrapping machine, no one is allowed to stand behind it.
  5. The safety guard must be fully installed before the machine can be used.
silage round balers for sale
silage round balers for sale