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Nowadays, most people use silage baler and wrapper machines to process forage. But there are still some traditional silage methods, such as cellar storage, pile storage, tower storage, etc. So what are the advantages of using a bale wrapper compared to traditional silage methods? As follows:

First, the quality of the feed is good.

The round bale wrapper uses stretch film-wrapped silage with good sealing. This improves the quality of the fermentation environment and increases the nutritional value of the feed. Such silage has an aromatic smell, high crude protein content, low crude fiber content, good palatability, and helps digestion.

Second, reduce waste

The wrapped silage will not produce mold loss and runoff loss. Feeding losses are also greatly reduced. Traditional silage loss can be up to 20%-30%.

Third, no pollution of the environment.

After the round bale wrappers produce a good sealing performance of the forage bale, no liquid flow out of the phenomenon.

Four, convenient and flexible

The forage package is appropriate, small in volume and high in density, and easy to transport and commercialize. This is conducive to ensuring the balanced supply and year-round use of silage for small, medium, and large dairy farms, beef cattle farms, goat farms, farmers, etc.

Five, long shelf life

Silage baler and wrapper machine treated bale compaction sealing well, not affected by the season, sun, rainfall, and groundwater level. It can be stacked in the open air for more than 2-3 years.

Sixth, save labor cost

The traditional silage method requires more than one person to work together to handle the forage. Using a Silage baler and wrapper machine, 2-3 people can generally do all the work. If you use a fully automatic silage baler machine, one person feeds and one person pushes away and places. If this machine saves 60% of labor compared to traditional machines, it greatly improves efficiency.

In comparison, the traditional silage method is relatively simple but is more affected by weather and other environmental factors. It is also labor-intensive. Modern silage baler and wrapper machines can improve the quality and efficiency of the feed, while also reducing waste.

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