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The operation of the hay pick up baler machine is essential to the smooth use of the machine. The repair and maintenance of the machine are important to keep the machine working for a long time. Therefore, the operation and maintenance of the machine are the two main points that every user must pay attention to. The following is the specific operation and maintenance of the hay and straw baling machine produced by Taizy. And our hay pick up baler machine can produce round and square bales.

How to operate the hay pick up baler machine?

  1. When working, the hay pick up baler machine should be adjusted to a height of 20-50 cm above the ground (the lifting position should not be too high to avoid damage caused by too large an angle of the universal joint).
  2. Then, the operator connects the power output shaft that should rotate for 1-2 turns. Minutes, hang up the working gear and slowly release the clutch.
    At the same time gradually adjust the hydraulic lifting handle to the same specific height as the required grass height
  3. When operating, the number of rows and machine speed should be determined according to the straw planting density and tractor horsepower respectively to ensure normal operation.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to hit the soil. If this happens, you should adjust the height of the upper pole.
  5. You should always pay attention to observe whether the suction pipe outlet is smooth. If no straw is thrown from the outlet, you should stop immediately to check whether the fan is blocked.
  6. The hay pick-up baler machine should be lifted up after turning. The straw harvester should be kept smooth when taking off and landing, and reversing is strictly prohibited during work.
  7. When operating, turf and other obstacles should be removed. The ground should reserve 3-5 meters of space for the machine.
  8. Stop the operation immediately when you hear strange noise during the operation. And continue to run after everything is normal.
  9. Check the belt tightness at any time during operation to avoid lowering the knife shaft speed, and affecting the quality of the crushing effect and the wear of the belt.

Maintenance of tractor with baler

It is important to check the hay pick up baler machine regularly and maintain it in time if there is any problem.

1, Check and tighten the fasteners at the joints of the hay pick up baler machine.
2, We should check the sealing condition of the gearbox, no oil seepage at the static bonding surface. And no oil dripping at the dynamic bonding surface. Need to replace the seal and oil seal.
3, Add molybdenum disulfide lithium grease at each lubrication point.
4, Timely removal of clay, so as not to increase the workload of the hay pick up baler machine.
5, Check the temperature rise of each bearing. If the temperature rises too high, the bearing clearance is too large. It should be adjusted or refueled in time.
6, Open the fan cover and check whether the screws on the blade hub are loose. And then tighten them in time if they are flexible.

tractor with baler
tractor with baler