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Good news! Botswana ranchers choose our fully automatic double-wrapping haylage baling machine to improve the efficiency of cattle feed preservation.

Customer background and needs

Botswana’s ranchers are cattle producers who focus on providing high-quality feed, focusing on the freshness and preservation of feed to ensure the health of their cattle.

The customer previously used a hand-drawn film machine but wanted to upgrade to a fully automatic double-wrapping haylage baling machine to improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure long-term freshness of the feed.

haylage baler for sale
haylage baler for sale

Product advantages and market demand

Our double-wrapping baling and wrapping machine has fully automated operation, high efficiency, and energy saving, which can greatly improve the preservation effect of feed, and meet the urgent needs of Botswana cattle farmers for feed preservation.

Reason for purchasing haylage baling machine

Customers choose our machines because the fully automatic double-wrapping baling and wrapping machines we provide can meet their needs, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and ensure the quality and freshness of feed.

haylage baling machine
haylage baling machine

Follow-up cooperation plan

Customers have also shown strong interest in the mixers and spreading trucks that are the supporting equipment of our silage baler and expressed that they will purchase these machines from our company to further improve the production efficiency and feed quality of the pasture.