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Recently, we have been honored to send 8 sets of automatic silage baler machines to a customer in Algeria. This customer, who is passionate about animal husbandry, has purchased other machines from us and is our important partner.

silage baling and wrapping machines
silage baling and wrapping machines

The customer purchased a 55-52 model machine, you can click on this post for more information: Corn silage baler machine丨silage baler wrapper machine.

Customer background information

A rancher in Algeria, upholding the Islamic faith, runs a pasture with a large number of cows and sheep and makes a living by supplying them with beef and mutton. They are keen on harvesting silage as the main source of feed for their livestock.

automatic silage baling machine
automatic silage baling machine

Needs for silage baler machine

To process silage more efficiently and keep it fresh, the customer wanted to purchase several fully automatic baling and wrapping machines.

They want these machines to quickly and efficiently bale and wrap silage for preservation and fermentation to provide quality feed for livestock. The customer requires high quality, durability, and performance of the machines and wants them to work in a long-lasting and stable manner.

Main reasons for purchase

The customer understands the importance of baling and wrapping, especially in hot climates, where effective preservation techniques are crucial to the quality of silage.

Considering the machine’s efficient production capacity and high-quality wrapping results, the customer decided to purchase this batch of automatic bale wrapping machines from our company.

In addition, the professional service and competitive price provided by our company are also one of the important factors for the customer’s choice.

silage baler machine for sale
silage baler machine for sale

Experience sharing and feedback

During the transaction process, the customer asked many key questions about the performance and quality of the silage baler machines, such as the machine’s bearings, accessories, and price.

Our business manager successfully solved the customer’s concerns through patient communication and answers and provided a satisfactory solution for the customer. The customer highly praised and recognized our professional service and the performance of the machine.