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Our silage baler and wrapper for sale are one of the hot-selling products of all agricultural machinery. Our automatic silage special balers are highly efficient, high quality, and durable, and are loved by many customers. In addition to this, we also produce semi-automatic balers and wrappers. This type of silage vacuum packing machine, at a lower price, is suitable for home use or for small farms.

What are the needs of customer about the silage baler and wrapper for sale?

  1. The customer needs a semi-automatic silage baler and wrapper for sale.
  2. At first, the customer needed an electric motor for power, but the local electricity was lacking. So we recommended a diesel engine for power. In the end, the customer chose a diesel engine with an electric start as the power source.
  3. In addition to the corn silage baler and wrapper, the customer also needed rope and film.

Parameters of the corn silage baler machine for sale

corn silage baler machineModel: TZ-55-52
Power: 5.5+1.1kw ,  3 phase
Diesel engine:18hp
Bale size:Φ550*520mm
Baling speed : 60-65 piece/h, 5-6t/h
Machine size:2135*1350*1300mm
Machine weight:510kg
Bale weight :65-100kg/bale
Bale density:450-500kg/m³
Rope consumption :2.5kg/t
Wrapping machine power: 1.1-3kw ,  3 phase
Film wrapping speed:13s for 2 layer film ,19s for 3 layer film
 Yarn Yarn 
corn silage baler machine for sale’s parameter

What are the reasons why the customer continues to choose to work with us?

This is the first time the customer has worked with us on a silage bale making machine. After receiving the silage baler and wrapper for sale, the customer encountered a problem with the forage not forming into bales. We later found out that the reason was that the forage was too wet. We helped the customer to solve any problems in time. And the customer was very satisfied. As a result, the customer has kept in touch with us and continues to buy agricultural machinery. For example, animal pellet making machines, chaff cutters, grain grinders, corn harvesters, etc.

silage bale making machine
silage bale making machine