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Great news! Georgia customer has purchased a round bale wrapper for sale from us. And the machine model is TZ-55-52. In addition to the straw round baler, the customer also bought the film, net, string, and air compressor.

Round bale wrapper for sale customer overview

Our customer from Georgia is a foreign intermediary specializing in selling agricultural machinery. Upon receiving demands from end-users, they decided to purchase automatic silage feed bales to meet market needs. They found us through our round baler wrapper website.

Round bale wrapper for sale

Why choose Taizy for a round bale wrapper for sale?

  1. Our sales manager understood the customer’s requirements and recommended two suitable models of round bale wrappers. We provided a Proforma Invoice (PI) with detailed specifications and descriptions, allowing customers to choose the suitable machine for their needs.
  2. After discussions, their end-user selected one TZ-55-52 round bale wrapper. We promptly prepared the PI for the customer.
  3. We confirmed details such as the power source and air compressor to ensure the smooth operation of the round bale wrapper.
  4. The sales manager responds to customers promptly to answer their questions, which is what we must do with each customer.

Payment for the compact bale wrapper

Once all the details were confirmed, we prepared the final PI for the customer. The payment was made in a cross-border Chinese Renminbi (RMB).

Efficient machine arrangement

Upon receiving the payment, we immediately arrange the automatic silage feed baler for the customer. Our commitment to efficient service ensures that customers receive the equipment they need as soon as possible.

compact bale wrapper

Packaging and transportation of the round bale wrapper

We ensure proper packaging and secure transportation of the round bale wrapper for sale to Georgia, guaranteeing their safe arrival.

If you’re also interested in purchasing a compact bale wrapper, please contact us. We strive to provide high-quality machinery and excellent service to all our customers.