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Yesterday, our customer from Tanzania bought a 9ky-70 hydraulic silage press baler. The efficiency of this hydraulic baler is 1-2 tons per hour. The hydraulic silage baler can take crushed forage and process it into square forage blocks by squeezing.

Finally, the bales are packed in double bags and turned into square bales for easy storage. Besides, we also have round baling and wrapping machines.

What is the reason for the customer to buy the hydraulic silage press baler?

The customer is a local agricultural machinery agent who can help customers find various agricultural machinery. Recently a customer needed a hydraulic press baler machine. Therefore, the customer contacted us.

hydraulic silage press baler
hydraulic silage press baler

The customer’s process of buying a vertical press baler

We communicated about the machine through WhatsApp. After receiving the message from the customer, we immediately sent pictures, videos, and parameters of the machine to the customer for reference. At the same time, we explained all the parts of the hydraulic silage press baler to the customer.

After that, the customer gave feedback to his own customers about the hydraulic silage press baler information. After consideration, the Tanzanian customer decided to buy the 9ky-70 hydraulic silage baler.

 vertical press baler
vertical press baler

Payment and transportation of the hydraulic scrap baler

Since the customer had an agent in China, the payment was made through the agent. We received 30% of the payment. Now the machine is being prepared. When the hydraulic silage press baler is finished, we will arrange to inform the customer to check and confirm all parts of the machine.

Once everything is confirmed, we will arrange to pack the machine in wooden boxes and arrange for delivery.

hydraulic scrap baler
hydraulic scrap baler

Parameters of the 9ky-70 hydraulic silage baler

Model9YK-70 (double oil cylinders)
Power15kw motor or 28HP diesel engine
Displacement of oil cylinder63-80L/min
Normal pressure of oil cylinder16Mpa
Bale size700*400*300mm
Bale Density300-400kg/h
Bundling efficiency1-2t/h
hydraulic silage baler’s parameter

Why choose our hydraulic grass baler?

  1. Our hydraulic baler is of good quality. Our hydraulic balers are made of high-pressure and wear-resistant materials. So the service life of the machine is long.
  2. Professional service team. Our staff will bring professional machine answers to our customers and help them solve various questions.
  3. Good working effect of the hydraulic baler. Our hydraulic baler handles the grass pieces tightly and meets the condition of sealed storage of forage.
hydraulic grass baler
hydraulic grass baler