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Our automatic straw pick up baler can crush all kinds of straw in the field before processing it into round bales. The machine is so powerful that the user only needs to drive the machine to process the straw into round bales. The customer who bought this round staw baler is from the Netherlands and has a large amount of straw to process. He bought the ST50*80 model straw crushing and picking baler.

Brief introduction of the automatic straw pick up baler purchased by the Dutch customer

The customer sent us a link to the automatic straw pick up baler he needed by browsing our agricultural machinery website. Therefore, we directly asked the customer about the size of the bale he needed. Since it was the first time that the customer was not sure. We sent all the machine parameters to the customer for reference.

After reading it, the customer said that the ST50*80 automatic straw pick up baler was the most suitable. Since our straw crushing and picking balers are hot, we sent the customer many feedback videos from other customers. The customer said he was satisfied and decided to pay.

automatic straw pick up baler
automatic straw pick up baler

Reasons for customers to buy our straw crushing pick up baler

  1. Our Straw crushing pick-up baler is of good quality and has been sold to many countries. Therefore, customers can be assured that our machines are trustworthy.
  2. The straw crushing picking and baling machine works well and is durable. The bales handled by the machine are neat, beautiful and easy to store.
  3. Comprehensive machine information. We will provide all the information related to the machine to our customers for their reference.
  4. One year after-sales service. We will provide one year after-sales service for all the machines we sell.