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Automatic silage baler machine is one of the essential equipment for farms and feed mills. Last week a customer from Guatemala bought a TZ-55-52 silage baler from us. This model of baler meets most of our customers’ bale needs.

Automatic silage baler machine in Guatemala

The customer is from Guatemala and has a sheep farm. In order to ensure that the farm has enough feed all year round, the customer needed a baler. Our silage baler and wrapper machines are sold abroad and have been well-received by many customers. We have also exported automatic silage baler machines to Guatemala in the past.

The purchase process of the corn silage baler machine

Customers contact us through our website. We discussed the small silage baler machine through WhatsApp. In the process of discussing the machine with the customer, we first confirmed the size of the bales we wanted. After that, we sent the customer the parameters of the machine, pictures, and videos. The customer confirmed that the machine he needed was the TZ-55-52 automatic silage baler machine.

Payment and shipping of the corn silage baler wrapper

The customer paid by bank transfer. Upon receipt of payment, we immediately arranged to pack the machine in a wooden box and then transport the automatic silage baler machine. Since our machines are in stock, customers don’t have to worry about making the machines will take a lot of time.

silage round baler for sale
silage round baler for sale

Reasons for customers to choose Taizy silage round baler for sale

  1. Help customers determine the model of the machine. Since the customer is the first time to buy the machine, he can’t be sure of the output of the machine and the size of the bale. We recommended the TZ-55-52 automatic silage baler machine to the customer on the amount of forage that the customer feeds daily.
  2. Sending various pictures and videos of the machine to the customer. We will provide customers with all kinds of machine information whenever they need it.
  3. One year after-sales service. Within one year after the customer received the machine, we help the customer to solve any problem with the machine.