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Customer’s background information

A well-known cattle farm in Indonesia recently successfully purchased our company’s fully automatic baling and wrapping machine. This cattle farm is large-scale and committed to providing high-quality beef products.

The customer who purchased the machine this time has extensive experience in the breeding industry and has used other brands of baling and wrapping machines before, but it has been unable to achieve the expected results due to quality and performance issues.

Why choose automatic baling and wrapping machine

Our company’s business manager contacted the customer through WeChat and learned in detail about the customer’s previous problems and needs with the automatic baling and wrapping machine.

Customers pointed out that the machines they purchased previously were cheap but of poor quality, and required manual assistance to tear off the film, which was inefficient. Considering these problems, the customer decided to try our company’s fully automatic silage baler wrapping machine.

Details of the machine meet the needs

Through in-depth communication with customers, our business manager has a detailed understanding of the customer’s requirements for machine ropes and membranes.

According to customer feedback, our automatic baling and wrapping machine is more in line with their needs in terms of details, especially the fully automatic function, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Customer evaluation of the machine

Now, customers have used our automatic baling and wrapping machines and they are very satisfied with the performance and stability of the machine. Not only does it save you the trouble of manually tearing off the film, but the bundling effect is even better. Customers have spoken highly of our machines.

Future cooperation plans

Due to our company’s expertise in the field of silage machinery, customers have expressed interest in other silage machines, especially straw crushing and recycling machines. They hope to purchase a straw crushing and recycling machine in the middle of the year after ensuring that the effect of the baling and wrapping machine is satisfactory.


This successful cooperation is not only a victory for our company’s automatic baling and wrapping machines in the international market but also demonstrates our company’s determination to provide efficient and advanced agricultural machinery and equipment for the global breeding industry. We look forward to cooperating with more international customers in the future to jointly promote agricultural modernization and improve production efficiency.