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A customer from the Philippines purchased a 9Z-2.8A straw chaff cutter and a 9Z-6.5A straw cutting machine from us. The customer owns a farming plant. He feeds cattle and horses. In addition to that, he grows a small patch of corn. So he wants to buy a straw cutting machine to process the corn stalks for feed. Farmers who feed cattle and sheep are well suited to use grass cutters, silage balers, and straw harvesters to process straw and forage.

How did the customer contact us?

The customer sent us an inquiry for a straw chaff cutter from Alibaba. We received the message from the customer and communicated with him immediately. Later we communicated with the customer about the machine via WhatsApp. The customer originally intended to buy a baling and wrapping machine. Since the guillotine is more important the customer decided to buy the guillotine machine first. If the received machine performs well, the customer will consider buying a straw chaff cutter.

Communication about the chaff cutter for sale

According to the size of the corn land planted by the customer, we recommended the large size of the 9Z-6.5A straw chaff cutter. Then we sent the parameters, pictures, and working video of the guillotine to the customer for reference. After the customer received it, he decided to discuss it with his partner. Two days later, we asked the customer how he was considering it. And by the way, we sent pictures of other models of the machine. The customer indicated that the 9Z-6.5A straw chaff cutter met their needs, but he also needed a smaller model 9Z-2.8A straw chaff cutter. Our sales manager then immediately provided the customer with a quote for both machines.

Payment and shipping of the fodder chaff cutter

Last week the customer said he could place the order, so we drafted a payment link to Alibaba for the customer. After the payment was made, we immediately arranged for the straw chaff cutters to be packed in wooden boxes and shipped to the customer’s freight forwarder.

Customer’s feedback of the grass chaff cutter

The customer received the straw chaff cutter and installed it first, and our sales manager was helping the customer to answer the questions the customer encountered during the installation. Once the customer finished the installation, he started to test the machine with corn stalks. The machine worked very well and the customer was very satisfied and sent us a video of the straw being crushed. The customer said that he would continue to work with us mutually. We are very happy to receive satisfactory feedback from our customers. We will continue to work hard to develop and manufacture higher-quality machines to bring convenience to our customers!

Customer’s questions and solutions during the straw cutter installation

  1. Since the name of the straw chaff cutter is not marked on the top of the box, we tell customers what machine is inside each box after they receive the machine.
  2. Can’t find the wheels and belts of the machine. Usually, we put the wheels and belts inside the machine. So the customer opened the shell of the machine to find these two parts.
  3. Don’t know where one of the shells is installed. The picture the customer sent us shows the shell that protects the belt.
  4. What oil does the customer need to buy? Since the customer is using gasoline engine power, he needs to buy gasoline. Besides that, there is a lubricant.
  5. Don’t know the function of one of the handles. The handle in the picture is used to adjust the length of the guillotine.
straw cutter
straw cutter

What are the services of Taizy Machinery?

  1. We will provide customers with real machine recommendations. According to the customer’s required output and the subsequent development of the situation, we will recommend to customers the appropriate machine models, or between the machine.
  2. We will update customers on the transport status of the machine in time so that customers can be more assured.
  3. After customers receive the machine, any questions can contact us. We will give customers timely answers to their doubts so that customers can use the machine smoothly.
    Provide one year of after-sales service. Customers can give us feedback if they find any problems with the machine within one year of receiving it. We will help customers solve problems in a timely manner.
grasss chopper
grasss chopper