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There are various kinds of baling and wrapping machines in the market nowadays. Therefore, choosing the right machine is the first thing people consider. A good baling and wrapping machine works stably and bales well, and can help users to handle various silages better. Also, you can use chaff cutters, which can process the stalks, and grass into small pieces.

How to choose a baling and wrapping machine?

  1. Reliability. The quality of the baling and wrapping machine should be good, such as the material of the machine, the service life of the machine, whether the various components of the machine are of high quality, etc.
  2. Adaptability. The baling and wrapping machines can handle a variety of crops, a machine multi-purpose, and improve the use efficiency.
  3. Easy to operate. On the basis of intelligence, the operation should not be too complicated. An intelligent and easy-to-operate baler is obviously convenient.
  4. Easy to maintain. The failure rate is low and easy to disassemble so that it will not affect the operation progress of the baling and wrapping machine.

Advantages of silage maker machine

  1. Flowing liquid loss and feeding loss are greatly reduced. The traditional silage loss can be up to 20%-30%.
  2. The left and right pressing devices open and close at the same time. So, it can finish the line roll lifting and press at the same time, and the baling cycle is short.
  3. Since the pressing head is synchronized with the left and right, the moving wire roll can automatically align with the center of gravity of the “C” hook. So, there is no problem with deflection.
  4. The quality of the silage is very good. Since the stretch film-wrapped silage has good sealing performance. And this improves the quality of the anaerobic fermentation environment of lactic acid bacteria. It also improves the nutritional value of the feed, with high crude protein content and low crude fiber content. In addition, this feed is easy to digest, has good palatability, high feeding rate.
  5. It will not pollute the environment. Due to the good sealing performance, the liquid juice does not flow out.
  6. Proper packaging, small size, high density, ease to transport and commercialize, ensure the balanced supply and year-round use of silage in modern animal husbandry. Suitable for large, medium, and small dairy farms, beef cattle farms, goat farms, and farmers.
  7. A newly designed baling device of the baling and wrapping machine can bind the line rolls more tightly. And it has a simple structure, is lightweight, and is easy to maintain.
  8. Long shelf life. It has good compaction and is not affected by season, sunshine, rainfall, and water table. Therefore the bales can be stacked in the open air for more than 2~3 years.