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Congratulation! A customer from the Netherlands has purchased a pick up round baler from us. Our round straw picker baler meets the needs of most people for round bales. The machine has high baling efficiency and high density. It is suitable for extrusion baling of corn straw, wheat straw, rice straw, and pasture grass. The baled straw can greatly reduce the storage area, improve the transportation capacity and reduce the possibility of fire.

The communication process about the pick up round baler for sale

The customer needed a pick up round baler to handle the straw in his field. So he searched the internet for a relevant machine. Finally, the customer went to our website and found the straw picker baler and it met his needs. So he sent an inquiry to us.

pick up round baler with baler
pick up round baler with baler

The communication process of the round straw baler

We first confirmed with the customer if he needed a pick up round baler. After confirming yes, we sent the customer the pictures, videos, and parameters of the machine. These contents can make the customer a more comprehensive understanding of our straw picking and baling machine. In the whole communication process, the customer is more concerned about the tractor traction machine power size, machine operation process, the machine’s wearing parts, and other issues. We have helped the customer to solve their doubts one by one. The customer finally decided to buy a pick up round baler from us.

How did the customer buy the hay and straw baling machine?

So we drafted an order payment link on Alibaba. The customer can pay directly through the link. After receiving the payment from the customer, we arranged for the production of the pick up round baler as there was no stock at that time. Then the machine was packed for transportation.

Parameters of the round straw baler

Power of tractorMore than 40hp
Overall Dimension1.63*1.37*1.43m
Baler SizeΦ800*1000mm
Baler weight40-50kg
round straw baler’s parameter


1. How much horsepower tractor does the machine need to work with?

A 50-hp tractor.

2. What is the harvesting width of the machine?


3. What is the size of the straw bale handled by the straw picker and baler?

The diameter is 70cm and the length is 100cm.

4. What material does the machine use to handle the bales?

Twine and net.

small round baler
small round baler