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Good news! A customer from Senegal has purchased a hay chaff cutter from us. We have three models of straw crushers. Each model can handle different amounts of forage. The hay chaff cutter is different from ordinary hay cutter machines, the finished product is soft and shredded, which is better for livestock to eat. This machine can also work with the silage baler to make straw bales.

Reasons why customers need to buy a hay chaff cutter

Customers feed their own cattle and need to process forage to feed them every day. But the manual processing of forage is tiring and takes a long time. Therefore, the customer needs a grass chaff cutter to help him handle a large amount of forage.

hay chaff cutter
hay chaff cutter

What are the concerns of customers buying an animal feed hay crusher?

  1. What is the power of the hay chaff cutter?
    Our hay chaff cutter models are different, and the corresponding power is also different. The power of the machine can be a diesel engine or a gasoline engine.
  2. Can the hay chaff cutter handle dry forage?
    Yes. The straw crusher can handle dry and wet forage and straw.
  3. Can the machine be moved?
    Yes. Our machine has wheels for easy movement.
  4. What is the internal structure of the animal feed hay crusher?
    The front part of our crushing system is the blade, the main function is to cut the forage. The second half is the rolling knife with teeth, the main function is to make the forage softer and shredder.
animal feed hay crusher
animal feed hay crusher

Why do customers buy Taizy’s rice straw chaff cutter?

  1. Our hay chaff cutters are of good quality and are exported to many overseas countries, customers like our machines.
  2. Because we are a manufacturer, the price of our rice straw chaff cutter is cheaper.
  3. Thorough service. From introducing the machine to transporting the machine, we will help our customers according to their actual situation.
  4. One year after-sales service. Customers can contact us to solve any problems within one year of receiving the machine.
rice straw chaff cutter
rice straw chaff cutter