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The hay cutter and baler can crush and bale straw directly in the field. It meets the needs of people who want to bale straw or forage directly from the field. The machine saves time, labor, and transportation costs for collecting, transporting, and shredding straws. It can handle standing or fallen stalks, such as corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, etc. And can accomplish 0.82-1.3 acre of farm straw recycling at one time.

Hay cutting and baling machine working video

What is the hay cutter and baler?

The hay cutter and baler can work in both pre-harvest and post-harvest fields. The machine crushes picks up and bales the straw as it appears in the work area. Therefore, it has more crushing functions than the Empacadora recolectora de paja. The baled straw can be dense and breathable for easy transportation and storage.

We produce two types of machines, square bale, and round bale straw crushing and picking balers. In addition to both using the tractor as power, they are different in structure and finished products. Here is a brief introduction to the two machines.

Uso de los alcances de la máquina empacadora cortadora de ensilaje

We have two types of silage cutting baling machines. Both machines can handle standing or fallen corn, rice, wheat, wheat straw, alfalfa straw, sheep straw, reeds, cotton straw, etc. Because of the shredding function, they can work in the field before and after harvesting. And it has a good harvesting effect.

Tipo I: Empacadora trituradora y recogedora de paja redonda

Este tipo de máquina empaca el producto terminado en forma redonda. Puede usar cuerda y una red para empacar los fardos, y el tamaño de los fardos es de 70*100 mm, además el ancho de cosecha es de 1,8 mo 1,65 m. Los tamaños de tractor correspondientes son superiores a 75 CV y ​​60 CV.

Empacadora para triturar y recoger paja redonda
Empacadora para triturar y recoger paja redonda

¿Cómo funcionan las máquinas cortadoras y empacadoras de heno?

working video of hay harvesting baler

Estructura de la cortadora y empacadora de heno.

La cortadora y empacadora de heno contienen principalmente un mecanismo de corte de paja, un mecanismo de transmisión, un mecanismo de recolección, un mecanismo de rastrillado, un mecanismo de estampado de pistón, un mecanismo de prensado de pacas y otras partes.

cortadora y empacadora de heno
Hay cutter and baler

Parámetros de la empacadora de heno pequeña

ModeloSTF 70*100
Capacidad de trabajo0,82-1,3 acres
small hay round baling machine technical data

¿Cómo funciona la empacadora de tractor?

The working principle of the tractor baler is to first knead and crush the thick, strong, and hard corn stalks. And under the inertia of the machine, the material will be thrown into the churn.

Then the churn will push the material to the feeding port, the feeding fork will send the material to the compression chamber.

Next, the piston will compress the straw under the reciprocating action.

So, the back of the baler bin will automatically alarm when the capacity is full. And the automatic rope will wrap the bale. And finally, open the bin and place the ball into the bales.

empacadora de tractores
empacadora de tractores

Lo más destacado de la empacadora de tractor compacta

  • The hay cutter and baler have a wide range of uses. It can harvest rice straw, hay, wheat straw alfalfa, and other stems of cereal grasses.
  • La empacadora de tractor tiene una estructura simple, una baja tasa de fallas y un trabajo confiable. La máquina es fácil de operar y las pacas formadas son pequeñas y fáciles de transportar.
  • Al ser colgante, es adecuado para tractores de pequeña y mediana potencia, que son flexibles y móviles.
  • After the bale is formed, the tractor comes with a hydraulic mechanism to control the cylinder, and the rear frame will open, spitting out the bale.

Tipo II: Empacadora de heno cuadrada

The square straw crushing and picking baler can only use the rope to bale the material. The machine has a crushing width of 2.2m and needs to be driven by a tractor of 75hp or more. The size of the bale is 1100*400*300mm and the machine does not need to put the ball in operation, it will discharge the bale automatically. The user only needs to move at a certain speed in the field.

Empacadora de heno cuadrada
Empacadora de heno cuadrada

Detailed specifications of the hay cutter and baler

ModeloAncho del selectorTipo de estructura del selectorTipo de anudadorNúmero de anudadoresTiempos de movimiento alternativo del pistón agrupadoDimensiones (mm)Poder de apoyo
9YFQ-2.22240 mmdiente de resorteD2100/minuto4150×2850×1800≥36,7 kw
Hay cutter and baler machine technical data

Estructura de la empacadora trituradora de paja

La empacadora trituradora de paja incluye principalmente un marco, rueda móvil, viga de tracción, sistema de transmisión, dispositivo de compresión, dispositivo de empacado, dispositivo de recolección, dispositivo de embalaje, etc.

 empacadora trituradora de paja
empacadora trituradora de paja

Escena de trabajo de la empacadora de heno cuadrada

square hay baling machine working video

Ventajas de la máquina empacadora trituradora de prensa cuadrada

  • The front tractor frame can rotate 180 degrees freely and turn flexibly, which solves the problem of tractor power limitation.
  • This machine is firmly welded and adopts an enlarged gearbox and enlarged bearings, which are resistant to wear and tear.
  • The blade can meet the requirements of different customers on the degree of straw crushing.
  • The feeding shaft adopts a spiral propulsion auger knife, and wave-shaped transmission, solving the problem of tangled straw, and blocking material, and will not appear broken shaft.
  • The machine adopts solid seamless steel pipe, wear-resistant and durable.
prensa cuadrada trituradora y empacadora
prensa cuadrada trituradora y empacadora

¿Cuáles son las diferencias entre las dos cortadoras y empacadoras de heno?

  • Shape of the finished products of the two machines is different, one is a round bale and the other is a square bale.
  • El material utilizado para empacar el césped es diferente, la empacadora de recolección y trituración de paja redonda puede usar la red y la cuerda. El cuadrado sólo puede usar la cuerda para empacar la hierba.
  • Internal structure of the two machines is also different, and the shape of the final product is different in size.

Our factory produces and manufactures different types of paja recycling machines, you can choose according to the demand and actual situation, and accept customization. Please feel free to contact us for more information and machine quotation.