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The combined grass grain crusher is a multifunctional feed handling equipment. We can use the machine to cut the grass but also to crush a variety of grains, fruits, and vegetables. The processed material is generally used to feed cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, and other livestock.

Typical chaff cutter and grinder machine working video

The machine is compact and portable but can produce up to 1800kg/h. It can also work with a пресс-подборщик силоса чтобы приготовить корм для скота.

Знакомство с комбинированной дробилкой зерна травы

Our factory produces many different models of combined grass grain crushers. The most popular ones are the five-port chaff cutter grinder machine and the four-port. There are two models of the four-mouth chaff cutter and grinder that are more popular. They are 9ZF-500B and 9ZF-1800 respectively. They handle the same materials.

Regarding power, they can be electric motors, gasoline engines, and diesel engines. The specific power depends on the specific machine model and the customer’s needs. They can not only cut, crush, and knead the straw, forage, etc. The following is a detailed description of the machine. Need more information about the machine welcome to contact us!

The range of chaff cutter grinder machines use

Машина для измельчения соломы может обрабатывать такие типы соломы, как стебли кукурузы, стебли фасоли, соломку, рисовую соломку, пшеничную соломку, пастбищную траву, саженцы арахиса, саженцы арахиса и т. д. Также может обрабатывать фрукты, овощи и т. д.

шлифовальная машина для резки соломы
шлифовальная машина для резки соломы
finished production from chaff cutter
finished production from chaff cutter

Как работает измельчитель соломы?

Тип 1: Четырехпортовая комбинированная дробилка зерна травы.

The four-port combined grass grain crusher has two outlets and two inlets. One outlet discharges the crushed grass and one outlet discharges the crushed grain. Therefore the two materials also enter through different inlets.

The machine has blades and hammer blades inside. Therefore, the straw or stalk can be processed into segmented and shredded products. In addition, there is a screen inside the machine. Customers can change the screen with different mesh sizes according to their needs.

Конструкция измельчителя корма для силоса

Конструкция обеих моделей режущих измельчителей для подачи силоса аналогична, в основном включает в себя входное отверстие для резки, входное отверстие для разного зерна, выходное отверстие для распыления, выходное отверстие для измельчения, систему измельчения срезов, мощность (двигатель, бензиновый двигатель, дизельный двигатель), мобильные ролики (могут быть индивидуальные пневматические шины), рама и т. д.

Параметры измельчителя корма для птицы

Параметры измельчителя кормов для птицы 9ZF-500B. Производительность машины меньше и может достигать 300-500 кг в час.

Скорость двигателя2800 об/мин
Емкость300-500 кг/ч
Сокрушительная сила3 кВт
Масса55 кг (не включая мощность)
Производительность по резке соломы1200 кг
Соответствующий экран4 (2/3/10/30)
Параметры измельчителя корма для птицы

Производительность комбинированной дробилки зерна травы 9ZF-1800 может достигать 1800 кг в час.

Модель машины 9ЗФ-1800
Скорость двигателя2800 об/мин
Номинальное напряжение220В
Вес машины75 кг
Производительность машины1800 кг/ч
Область примененияКоровы, овцы, свиньи, куры, утки, кролики и другой домашний скот
параметр комбинированной дробилки зерна травы

What are the advantages of straw cutter and grain grinder?

  • The straw cutter and grain grinder are widely used. They can handle a variety of materials, such as straw, forage, vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. It can meet people’s needs for diverse and nutritious feed.
  • The machine has a variety of functions in addition to the guillotine but also can crush a variety of grains, and fruits. In addition to this, the forage can also be kneaded into shreds.
  • The machine has casters for easy movement, saving time and energy to move the machine.
  • Various models of the machine can meet the different requirements of users for production. At the same time, different powers can meet the needs of different regions.

Тип 2: Комбинированная пятипортовая дробилка зерна травы.

The five-port combined grass grain crusher is based on the four-port with one more outlet. Of the three discharge ports, the one coming out from the top is dry material, the one coming out from the middle is more watery material, and the one coming out from the bottom is grain.

So the machine can automatically distinguish different materials. The other parts are similar to type 1. The machine is also equipped with 5 screens. And customers can choose the right mesh size according to their needs.

Какова конструкция измельчителя корма для силоса?

The structure of the silage feed cutting grinder is similar to that of type 1. It mainly consists of a frame, wheels, grain inlet, guillotine inlet, power, high spray outlet, medium spray outlet, low spray outlet, etc. The overall structure of the combined grass grain crusher is compact and fully functional.

Подробные технические параметры измельчителя

Скорость двигателя2800 об/мин
Вес машины68 кг
Производительность машины1200 кг
Размер1220*1070*1190 мм
Соответствующий экран4 (2/3/10/30)
chop cutter machine parameter

Каковы преимущества машины для резки корма для коров?

  • The kneading function of the combined grass grain crusher can make corn stalks, bean stalks, straws, and other crops and wild weeds into softer filaments. This shredded material is easy for cattle, sheep, and further digestion and absorption.
  • The machine has advanced design, smooth operation, easy operation, energy saving, safety and reliability, and many other advantages.
  • At the same time, combined grass grain crusher out of the material is also conducive to baling transport and storage. It is a necessary machine for the majority of cattle and sheep farmers and small and medium-sized feed processing plants in the breeding area.

Экспорт измельчителя и измельчителя соломы в Судан.

Yesterday, a customer from Sudan bought a 9ZF-500 combined grass grain crusher from us. The customer has a breeding plant, mainly feeding cattle and sheep. Therefore, a large amount of forage has to be processed every day.

To improve the efficiency of forage processing, the customer needed a professional forage processing machine. So the customer searched for the machine on the internet and found our website. After browsing, the customer contacted us.

We immediately sent pictures and videos of the machine and related parameters to the customer. We also recommended a machine model that suited the customer’s needs. After consideration, the customer decided to buy a five-bite chaff cutter grinder.

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