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Recently, we have successfully sent 8 sets of silage feed baler wrapper machines to our customer in Uzbekistan, including 5 motor models and 3 diesel models.

The customer has strong strength in the agriculture field and plans to use these machines in farm projects. They have a high demand for baling and wrapping machines to preserve fodder for feeding livestock such as cattle and sheep.

Reasons for purchasing the machines

These silage feed baler wrapper machines were purchased to fulfill the feed preservation needs of the customer in their farm projects.

As the country of Uzbekistan has no sea and uses rail transportation for the transaction, we provided the customer with a bilingual English-Russian contract and a discount for bulk orders, which increased the cost-effectiveness of purchasing the machines.

Uses and advantages of silage feed baler wrapper

Baling and wrapping machines are used for a variety of purposes on farms, effectively baling and wrapping feed to maintain its freshness and nutritional value, thus ensuring the healthy growth of livestock. Our balers and wrappers are not only stable in performance, but also easy to operate, which are suitable for different sizes of farms and different types of feed.

Why choose our company

Customers choose our company because of our reasonable price, fast delivery time, as well as our customized solutions, and full service for customers. Our factory responded quickly to the customer’s needs, quickly completed the processing and production of the machine, and successfully delivered it to the customer.